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Original Webtoon: Pre-serialization Serialization Note: Special chapters and creator's note are available on Ktoon only. Official Translation: French
Lucrezia, a noble vampire, has come to Japan to seek the supreme blood. However, when she encounters a poor shrine maiden named Inori, Lucrezia might have gotten more than she bargained for.
2008 - 7.00 / 10.0
From veteran shoujo manga artist Marimo Ragawa and BL light novelist Narise Konohara comes a strange and sexy tale! When a vampire from Nebraska named Al gets frozen in bat form, he winds up in Japan under t...
2016 - 6.87 / 10.0
A breathtaking vampire romance depicting adventure and love in search of the legendary 'vampire flower'. The vampire Louvre sets out in his quest with the human contractor, Seoyoung, appearing in the human w...
2018 - 6.35 / 10.0
For Mito, being the thrall of a vampire is the least of her worries. Mito's lived life on the streets since she graduated from middle school, dressing as a boy to stay safe. She's managed to eke out a grungy...
2018 - 6.84 / 10.0
Himari was saved by a vampire as a child. Now a high school student, she lives wanting to meet that vampire again.
2016 - 6.38 / 10.0
Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang S...
2012 - 7.55 / 10.0
Tomas is a proud and fearless assassin who has never failed a commission. So what happens when he's commissioned to kill Myra, an immortal vampire?
2009 - 7.79 / 10.0
Formerly known as Vanilla Latte no Hito.
A manga adaptation of the work by Anne Rice. It was later renamed as Interview with (the) Vampire. Louis and Lestat are two vampires living in the 1700s who have a platonic love/hate relationship. Louis is ...
1994 - 7.12 / 10.0
"When you open your eyes in this world once more, you will fall in love with the human who possesses the other half of your heart." The story of the sealed vampire who finally meets his destined partner! O...
2019 - 6.64 / 10.0
I realized it was love the moment that person left. Hiding their feelings for each other, Sehyuk and Yina, who were just friends, eventually end their ambiguous relationship and part ways. Eight years later...
A rather nostalgic and husky voice at the bar caught Kazuki's attention. It was none other than Shuu Furuhashi's, a high school classmate of his. Of course, they were just that. However, the image of his wri...
2017 - 6.68 / 10.0
18 Volume series: 1: 女のいる部屋 Onna no Iru Heya 2: ある契約 Aru Keiyaku 3: 蜜の味 Mitsu no Aji 4: 喪服の女 Mofuku no Onna 5: 私は知っている Watashi wa Shitte Iru 6: つけぼ...
Clare had thought that Denzil Black was intent on seducing her sister -- after her best friend had already fallen prey to his charms. It was almost as if the film director were a vampire lover, moving from o...
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The story takes place in an era similar to that of ancient Rome in a country called Chronos. It follows a group known as the Temple Mercenaries. In particular, the manhwa is about Ares, Michael and Baroona, ...
2001 - 8.34 / 10.0
At school, Kamazaki Yuu feels as though there is a circle drawn around her, a line that no one will cross. A part of it is because her face looks mean, and another part of it is because she's rather socially...
2009 - 7.11 / 10.0
Four dream-like short stories. Mari Okazaki can alter appearances like fun house mirrors at an amusement park. The short stories blossom to reveal a medley of surreal characters. The virtuoso stroke is like ...
1994 - 6.73 / 10.0