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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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From User Message Body
Post #573907
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8:21 am, Oct 17 2012
Posts: 367

I have a rather interesting request. I was wondering if you guys could download these pictures and list any series (they don't have to be just manga) that your reminded of while looking at them:
Do NOT list the series that the picture is from, just list the series that current scene in the picture is reminding you of. When listing, tell what picture it is that reminded you of that series (no reasons required).

I'll specify more if need be.

Last edited by Transdude1996 at 3:23 am, Oct 18

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #573914
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11:56 am, Oct 17 2012
Posts: 471

i cant download anything in this computer. care to put a link to the site or stuff?

Post #573927
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2:36 pm, Oct 17 2012
Posts: 367

Here are the links to the sites holding the pictures. I'll put up a specific link for the picture if it is hard to find on the home site. Also, both of the sites have search features as well to help you find the pictures.

Wallpapers Wide
60's Design
Ancient Portal Painting
Anno 1404 Venice
Assassin's Creed III Boston
Atlantis City
Behind the Tree
Bioshock 2 1959
Black Kitty and Golden Fish
Black Pond
Black Soul
Calvin and Hobbes Exploring
City Of Elfs
City Outskirts
Creepy Skull
Dark Eagle
Dark Street Painting
Darkness and Light
Descending Into Deep Cave
Dhaka Old Town
Difficult Maze
Dreamlike Landscape
Earth In The Future
Enchanted Apples
Ether Saga Online
Fallen Angel Art
Fallen Leaf
Fantastic Ruins
Fantasy Dragon
Flying Mountains Of Pandora
Galaxy Man
Gas Mask Art
Ghost Painting
Girl On Tree Tops
Golden Gate Bridge Fog
Grunge Art
Hello Little One
How To Train Your Dragon Movie
Imperial Stormtrooper
In Case Of Emergency Run Like Hell
Living The Fast Life
Midnight Demon
Minimalist Art
Multnomah Falls
New York Fog
Old Railroad
Pirates Night
Raining Day Anime
Red Haired Samurai
Shape Wave
Star Wars Poster
Sunshine After The Rain
The Cube
The Giddyup Tree and the Bickham Script Tree
The Green Flower Girl
Trail Blazer
Train Passing By
Train Tracks and Light
Treasure Planet 2002
Tron Flynn's Arcade
War Art
Who The Hell Are You To View My Computer
Your Life Is Loading

Picky Wallpapers
3D Green Line
3D Spy Lens
Anime Elf
Blue Blocks Cavern
BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death
Colored Corners
Colorful Maze Segment
Colorful Slightly Blurry Lines
Deep In The Forest
Dubai Futuristic Cityscape
Gray 3D City
Green Cubic Forms
Klontalersee Glarus
Lake Superior Provincial Park
Letter In The Bottle
Lovecraft's City Of R'yleh
Milky Blue Water
Montane Rainforest
Mystic Sun
Space Illusions
Strange Trees
Sunset Palm Tree
Sydney Lighthouse
Winter Hills

Amnesia (the top three pictures are the same picture and is the picture in the download)
The Void
Harry Potter Is Awesome
Silent Hill (take out the title and that is the picture)
Spawn Simony
Star Trek Voyager

Last edited by Transdude1996 at 4:00 pm, Oct 17

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #573929
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3:37 pm, Oct 17 2012
Posts: 471

behind the tree: Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shoujo

castle: Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä

dark eagle : hetalia

library: mahou sensei negima!

rain: eden no ori

amnesia: count cain

silent hill: bradherly no basha

singularity: jisatsutou

spawn simony: zetman

star strek voyager: 2001ya monogatari

Post #574059
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10:14 pm, Oct 18 2012
Posts: 24

amnesia: Absolute Witch
behind the tree: Sailor Moon R (first half)
black kitty and golden fish: A Cat that Loved a Fish
black soul: Shinigami no Ballad
difficult maze: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
enchanted apples: Death Note
fantasy dragon: Ged Senki
library: Gosick
red haired samurai: The Twelve Kingdoms

only that for new...

Post #574840
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7:22 pm, Oct 25 2012
Posts: 367


DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #574842
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8:04 pm, Oct 25 2012
Posts: 58

The Cube: Casshern sins

It reminds me of one scene around the middle I think it was where it was a cube that looked quite similar

Post #574843
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his and her sonnet

8:06 pm, Oct 25 2012
Posts: 1127

galaxy man reminds me so much of ningen shikkaku(havent read the manga, i only read the book...the main character draws a self-portrait very similar to the picture)
singularity reminds me of the climber, eden: it's an endless world! and hotel
behind a tree---->5 Centimeters per Second
rain---->Love Story, Killed and ai-ren
grunge---->Doctor Du Ming and Kinderbook
star trek voyager---->planetes, terra e... and the anime "legend of the galactic heroes"

Last edited by sarah-eats-cupcakes at 8:11 pm, Oct 25

Post #574942
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2:30 am, Oct 27 2012
Posts: 57

This is neat!

Dark Eagle: Berserk. I was thinking of the band of the hawks.
Ancient Portal Painting: .hack//GU game series. The portals to go through when you're entering keywords.
Behind the Tree: Shadow Hearts 2, Alice's graveyard
City Outskirts: Drifting classroom. It's the angle of the picture. I was reminded of movement and ominous foreboding.
Creepy Skull: Nausicca and The Hills Have Eyes.
Dark Street Painting: It makes no sense but I immediately thought of Spirited Away, when Sen was waiting in the shallow waters for the train to come. Huh.
Darkness and Light: Shingeki no Kyojin. The scene when they're trying to ambush the female giant in the forest.
Descending Into Deep Cave: Skyhigh: Shinshou. I think it was one of the stories where a family was trying to commit suicide, and 2 bodies were found in a cave.
Dreamlike landscape: Ghost hunt. One of the cases near the end of the manga takes place with an... inn? hanging around the edge of a cliff looking over the ocean.
Ether Saga Online: Ookami to Koushinryou
Fantastic Ruins: Lord of the Rings >_>
Fantasy Dragon: How to train your dragon
Gas Mask Art: Coppelion. Contaminated air.
Girl On Tree Tops: Cardcaptor Sakura 2nd movie ending. Everything was looking bleak towards the end, but tadaaa, all is good again.
Hello Little One: Midori no Hibi
Library: Fairy tail. Mangaka sure does have a knack for drawing enchanted looking forest/places sometimes.
Multnomah Falls: The Amazing Race >_>. I'm reminded of the exotic locations.
New York Fog: The Land Before Time movie. The fog kinda gives the impression of a wide divide between the,... "lands" and it echoes that scene where the kids are separated from their parents.
Old Railroad: Jisatsu Circle. Kids jumping in front of trains. Woohoo.
Raining Day Anime: Shinya Shokudou. People gathering together in a warm place and enjoy one another's company.
Shape Wave: BM: Nectar. I'm reminded of the massive wave of biomeat.
Sunshine After The Rain: Silent Hill, heh. Road to the unknown.
The Cube: Final boss of Okami. No, seriously. An ambiguous entity.
The Giddyup Tree and the Bickham Script Tree: Mushishi. One case where the texts (mushi) comes to life.
Train Passing By: I Am Legend movie/book. Streets deserted, wildlife, plants..
Your Life Is Loading: Reset. The texts "You have failed at life. please reset" (I'm paraphrasing) appears to the characters.

Ok... this took a lottt of time. You better appreciate this, Transdude1996.

Post #574947 - Reply to (#574942) by xailah
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3:31 am, Oct 27 2012
Posts: 367

Quote from xailah
Ok... this took a lottt of time. You better appreciate this, Transdude1996.

I do. Took a lot of time doing this. Thank you.

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #575022
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8:48 pm, Oct 27 2012
Posts: 57

Yay. I'm glad. ...And since I didn't finish the whole list last time, here's the rest.

3D Green Line: Momonchi, Mars, Genkaku Picasso. It reminded me of a brush stroke, and I connected that with manga w/ painting/art.
3D Spy Lens: Kamisama no Iutoori. High tech security -> omnipotence -> confusion -> thus this manga.
Anime elf: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. The image gave off this calm slice-of-life feeling, and YKK immediately popped up.
Blue Blocks Cavern: Hideout, Doubt, Angel Sanctuary. Reminded me of some place isolated and hidden.
BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death: Bloody Monday
Colored Corners: Gaku, Kokou no Hito. Abstract mountains.
Colorful Maze Segment: Cardcaptor Sakura Maze card >_>. Lame, I know. Ghost Hunt again. One of the cases involved a mansion full of traps, dead ends I think, hidden passageways.
Colorful Slightly Blurry Lines: Skyhigh. Thought stairways to heaven.
Deep In The Forest: Ragnarok Online (the mmorpg). The title and image immediately popped up a RO background music in my head. Prolly a prontera, geffen, or payon-related field bgm. eyes
Dubai Futuristic Cityscape: Aria. It was probably the sea that inspired me to think of Aria.
Gray 3D City: Minecraft LOL.
Green Cubic Forms: GUNNM, Owari to Hajimari no Miles, Castle in the Sky. The dissipating? cube reminded me of a floating island, and I remember there being one in GUNNM and the others.
Klontalersee Glarus: Kaikisen, School Ningyo, Ningyo no Mori, Mushishi. Vast ocean -> mermaids. Don't know how I thought of that instead of sharks laugh.
Lake Superior Provincial Park: Let's Lagoon, 7 seeds, Jisatsutou, 6000, Sprite, Aphorism, Soukai no Eve. Stranded island or basically just anywhere/anyone trapped. There's a lot more to be named... but I just can't be bothered to remember.
Letter In The Bottle: 20th Century Boys, Fugurumakan Raihouki, Omoide Emanon**. Time capsule. Memories. Sentimental value.
Lovecraft's City Of R'yleh: From Up on Poppy Hill, studio ghibli movie. Reminded me of their... what was it, clubhouse? Eh.
Milky Blue Water: Suiiki, Gyakusou Shoujo - Owaranai Natsuyasumi, L∞P, Tabi to Michizure. Town submerged in water. Which lead to eternity / frozen in time.
Montane Rainforest: La Mosca. Something I recently read. To describe this manga: cocoa forest of hell.
Mystic Sun: Basara. Vast desert, big story.
Strange Trees: Miyori no Mori, Princess Mononoke. Strange forest/trees/world indeed.
Sunset Palm Tree: Baby Steps. Recent chapter, beach scene, confession, memorable.
Sydney Lighthouse: Ponyo, Blue Heaven. Lighthouses are there to guide ships, but since I couldn't really think of any manga about that, I just related ones to just ships.
Winter hills: Mushishi again. Ginko's past was "shrouded" in mystery.. which lead me to think of mysterious places in general. See Milky Blue Water for the examples.

Amnesia: To The Moon PC game. I remember there being a lighthouse that was significant to the story. How ironic that the title was called amnesia since it was kind of about going through memories of a man who can't remember what his.. reasoning for what his wish was.
The Void: Angel Sanctuary again. The image reminded me of hell, and the characters do journey to hell first I believe.
Silent Hill: X-Day, Bokurano, G Senjou Heaven's Door. Hn, I saw depression and forlorn. ...I can't remember any other manga. :/
Singularity: Fullmetal Alchemist, Region. I interpreted that light from above as a catatrosphe waiting to happen on a large scale. Rakia kinda gives that feeling too.
star trek voyager: Uchuu Kyoudai

I need coffee. none

Post #576358
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3:37 pm, Nov 8 2012
Posts: 367

another bump

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #576896

8:53 pm, Nov 13 2012
Posts: 52

3D Green Line Tower of God
3D Spy Lens Abide by the Wind
Ancient Portal Painting D.Gray-man

Last edited by tori_no_uta at 10:39 am, May 25

Post #577279
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Fatalistic Dreamer

9:20 pm, Nov 16 2012
Posts: 11

Interesting ^^

3D Spy Lens: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Amnesia: Innocent Bird; main character was hung in a cage like that
Ancient Portal Painting: Zeus; the combination of ancient architecture and sci-fi
Assassin's Creed III: Princess
Black Kitty and Golden Fish: tactics
Black Soul: D.Gray-man; the scene where they checked Allen's innocence
Blue Screen of Death: X/1999; there was this cute hacker cool
Castle 2: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle; it reminds of a castle in the sky from there
City Outskirts: Gokusen; they were always fighting in places like this
Dark Eagle: Aka no Washupiel; I have no excuse laugh
Dark Street Painting: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle again; looks like the lamps they had in Ooto country arch
Enchanted Apples: Death Note; well, apples = Ryuk biggrin
Fallen Angel: Angel Sanctuary; the wings I guess
Flying Mountains of Pandora: RG Veda
Girl on Tree Tops: Inuyasha
In Case of Emergency Run Like Hell: Gokudo-kun; this was Gokudo's philosophy laugh
Lovecraft's City of R'lyeh: Silver Diamond
Mistic Sun: Excel Saga
Pirates Night: Cutlass
The Green Flower Girl: Hyakuman Tsubu no Namida
Tron Flynn's Arcade: Fake

With some I don't even have a reason... it just... came to mind. It was kinda fun eyes

Post #579329
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6:14 pm, Dec 3 2012
Posts: 367

bump again

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
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