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Manga that made you cry as hell

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12:04 am, May 8 2013
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Fruits Basket
Kingyo Sou
Shisei no Otoko
Pretty much every manga done by Yumeka Sumomo

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12:26 am, May 8 2013
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Saishuu Heiki Kanojo yet... Got me almost from the get go.

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1:03 am, May 8 2013
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I TOTALLY 100% ABSOLUTELY recommend "Regarding Death"! It's a manhwa webcomic, and if you read it with the original webcomic open it's soooo touching because it has accompanying music for each chapter! I'm not mentally unstable, and I rarely cry at manga (only a for a couple chapter for 7seeds and maybe a little towards the end of fruits basket... but that's it out of the other recommendations), but seriously every chapter made me BAWL. My eyes were so puffy! I read it whenever I need a good, cleansing cry now smile

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2:00 am, May 8 2013
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Well, I usually don't cry, but some manga/webtoons which gave me a lump in my throat is "Trace" and "Veritas".
I somehow regret reading Veritas because every time I think of it i get that lump in my throat you get when crying.

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2:28 am, May 8 2013
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tokyo babylon

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2:36 am, May 8 2013
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Under Prin

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9:12 pm, May 11 2013
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Hmm only Monster comes to mind. I cried a lot because Tenma is my favorite fictional character ever, and every time something really nice or sad happened to him (or others nice characters) I would cry/feel like crying.

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10:36 pm, May 11 2013
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What was so wrong with this thread that you had to make another?

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7:27 am, May 12 2013
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Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) A masterpiece
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan A materpiece too.
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari and the others Deep Love stories
Rec - Kimi ga Naita Hi
Hajimari no Niina

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7:40 am, May 12 2013
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suna no shiro

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jail bait

1:55 pm, May 12 2013
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[m]Popoya Love Letter[/m] every friggin time.. i just.. omigawd.

oh please do click this!
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3:03 pm, May 12 2013
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u cry a lot

only "Yubisaki Milk Tea"

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9:14 pm, May 13 2013
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Let's be a little original (although these answers are true):

1. GANTZ - uber violent gorefest, yes, but some tearjerker moments as well (and not just bloody ones... can you say "100-point menu, option 3"?!)

2. USOTSUKI PARADOX - indeed, a Borderline H, but with a painfully gorgeous super-realistic messy, heartbreaking double-love-triangle plotline

3. HOSHIKAWA GINZA YONCHOUME - a 'sensei + loli' (non-pron) lovestory?
no way, right?! ...*yes, way!*. [sensei's female, ditzy, and pretty hopeless... it's the kid who is pushy, initiates things, and wears the pants in the relationship]

4. MAKO (especially arc 2, "Rooftop Scenery") - ...and, finally, hardcore (!) plot porn, battered schoolgirl + sensei hentai pairing no less. YUP, fer reals. Well, at least here the schoolgirl is all woman, not a kid (except the flashbacks).
Really, almost all of Fuuga's hentais are romantic tearjerkers, but this one reaaaally turns it up to "11". [warning: happy end, but man does it go some dark places to get there. and not over the top tentacle shit, either, but believable real-world dirt and ugliness... truly unbelievable amounts of crap happen to that poor lonely girl before she brute-forces and cajoles her way into sensei's life. if you want to start with a lighter story to get into this author, well, that's what the first arc in the book is there for - also highly recommended, but less of a tearjerker and somewhat less memorable.]

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12:55 pm, May 14 2013
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I'm an old stone-hearted pervert
some manga did, but for the moment I don't remember
some scenes in Shin Angyo Onshi did
but recently Crepescule did make me drop tears

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4:28 am, May 15 2013
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I cry a lot, so there's many mangas that made me cry. But there's only one that made me cry just by thinking about it: Banana Fish.

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