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split personality romance

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10:31 pm, Dec 29 2016
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Ok, ok, ok.
I know that like a TRILLION people have made threads about this, but all of them are ALMOST what I want . . . but not quite.

I'm looking for a manga with a male mc who has a split personality, as in, he has multiple personalities in one body.

I'm looking for a romance manga where his other personality is really evil, and the girl is the only one who can subdue it, or he tries to hide it when he's around her, because his other personalify is dangerous.

Or it can be a really dark romance where his other personality is really obsessed with the girl, but he's still evil of course.

I don't really mind whether it's like fantasy, adventure, school life, sitting in one room and not moving the whole time, I don't care . . . But it would be really cool if they were partners for something though, DEFINITELY not a requirement ad I've been specific enough already biggrin

You helped me once, I'm hoping you can help me again. bigrazz

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12:20 am, Dec 30 2016
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What about this one?

Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei Desu ga, Toriaezu Shine

Its not properly anothere personality but he does get sudden urges to kill his love and his personality before the change tries to fight these urges.

This one Gun x Clover, I wont tell you who or what kind of personalities are or in which characters since I would be doing major spoilers bigrazz .

Kyou no Cerberus Its not in the male MC but in the female, kinda cute and interesting.

Change 123 Same as before.

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