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Emotional Manga

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4:22 pm, Jun 2 2021
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What I enjoy more of reading manga is to connect with the characters and to feel for them. I don't care if it's happiness, sadness, frustration or hope, but I would love if someone could recommend me some manga that made you happy, made you cry or made you believe in humanity again.

Thank you!

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6:36 am, Jun 3 2021
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try Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

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6:59 am, Jun 3 2021
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Hei no Naka no Biyoushitsu
Onani Master Kurosawa
Kami-sama ga Uso o Tsuku.
Eien no With

ill come back with more suggestions if I remember more!

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12:04 pm, Jun 3 2021
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Otomurai-san <- know life and death from the point of view of the main character as a funeral service staff.
Piece <- questioning one's value from the time they are born. They live irresponsibly but one way or another leads to the point where they have to muster up the courage to face it.
Itsuya-san <- how sweet and special it is when you meet someone!
Imawa no Kuni no Alice <- the bonds that the characters form lead to many sacrifices.
Ore Monogatari!! <- characters live without preconceived notions, not picky in making friends. "You are different but it's okay".
Kimi ni Todoke <- when they are in the third year and think about the future, it's one of the best arcs I've ever met. Not only get romance, but I also watch them grow up.

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11:57 am, Jun 5 2021
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Thank you all for your suggestions! I Will check them out. If anyone has more suggestions let me know. There is never enough Manga! ❤️

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3:04 pm, Jun 5 2021
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I find it very hard to determine what would be emotional for someone else but a couple of series I enjoyed that I haven't seen mentioned above yet are:

Bambi to Dhole
Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
Six Half
These are more romance/slice of life centered which have their ups and downs but I like how the main characters are written.

Sachi-iro no One Room
It's about a girl who was being abused and bullied being 'kidnapped' by her stalker. It sounds a bit weird probably, but I think the characters and story is interestingly written.

Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuzoku ni Ikimashita Report
This one is a bit depending on what interest yourself. It's an autobiographical story (she wrote multiple) of the author about her struggle with growing up, her mental well-being, and her sexuality. Not sure if it really counts as emotional though.

If you do try out one (or multiple) of them I am very curious as to know your opinion about them 😁 What is in your opinion 3 of the best emotional stories?

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