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Nice Guy Gets the Girl

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From User Message Body
Post #329103
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2:26 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 1354

OH MY GOD people, aren't you all tired of reading these mangas where the jackass gets the girl? Speaking as a girl, I can honestly say that I far prefer the nice guys - even if they aren't "darkly handsome" and "haunted" and even if they don't possess that certain Twilight chic. *gag*

I just don't get why all these otherwise decent manga heroines have horrible tastes... At least pick the right guy, d'oh. Reading a lot of manga romances makes me feel like I'm watching a horror movie in which the heroine is doing something really stupid like opening a door behind which a serial killer is waiting and I scream at her: "DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!" ... But of course she opens it anyway. @_@

Lol, okay, maybe it isn't that bad. Sorry for ranting. But I just read a bunch of mangas that are actually quite good in terms of art and story-telling, but when the heroine is given a romantic choice, she somehow ends up choosing this really wrong guy, who is:

a) emotionally abusive, or
b) verbally abusive, or
c) physically abusive, or
d) unfaithful, or
e) flirtatious (with others), or
f) cold/neglectful, or
g) creepily stalkerish, or
h) A RAPIST, or
i) hung up on the ex, or
j) just a plain dweeb that can't make up his mind between two girls.


I mean, WHY? These guys are the infamous RED FLAGGERS, girls. We've all heard about them. Girls' magazines warn you away from them, even though girls' magazines aren't normally founts of wisdom.


I don't understand why the heroines choose bad guys, especially when in these mangas there is some romantic competition from a guy who is actually decent, morally grounded, reasonable, responsible, goodhearted, emotionally decisive, devoted and loyal. (Not necessarily flawless - no one's flawless - but at least not a Red Flag Guy.)

So I want to read a manga in which there is some kind of romantic competition between the Badass Mofo and the Nice Guy, AND THE NICE GUY WINS. <3

Even better if the heroine starts off with the wrong guy, but then realizes that she deserves better and chooses the Nice Guy in the end.

Any recommendations?

Oh and no ecchi, plz. Sexual content is okay in the manga but it shouldn't be the point and it shouldn't have an ecchi sensibility, if that makes any sense.

Edit: Actually I'm so desperate to see the Nice Guy win that I'll even read yaoi/BL romances where the Nice Guy gets the, er... other guy. JUST SOMEONE LET THE NICE GUY WIN, PLEASE. ;_;

Last edited by tartufo at 3:18 pm, Oct 20

Post #329104
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The Gorilla King

2:36 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 1115

monkey high
reaching you


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Post #329105
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Chocolate Fudge

2:41 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 216

Cappuccino I think... :3 I also second Monkey High and Reaching You.

May the Chocolates of Heaven be on your side.

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Post #329107
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Monkey. :B

2:58 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 1972

So sad that I can't think of any good recommendations! ;___;
Bad guys really do always win in these cases. >_<

I can only think of Itadakimasu at the moment. <3

Erm, I wouldn't suggest Cappuccino...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
The guy cheated on her, and the other "nice guy" wasn't exactly nice, considering he was with another girl. And the protagonist didn't even end up with him. .__.

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Monkeys, always at your service.
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Post #329112
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3:17 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 1354

@ranmaru and TheRandomChocolate, thanks! Mind giving a brief idea of how these mangas fit? (Even in spoiler quotes...) Because I was under the impression that Reaching You at least didn't have romantic competition... Then again I'm only at the first volume lol. *blush*

@Baesooky, thanks also for Itadakimasu. I actually think that Cappuccino qualifies though since...

Spoiler (highlight to view)
... at the end she gives up on the bad guy and decides to go out with a decent co-worker (not the ex's best friend who you're talking about). I wish the mangaka had written another volume just focusing on this new relationship, but anyway, at least there's a happy ending. :)

Also curious to see whether there are some shounen/seinen romances where the Nice Guy wins.

Edit: And BL recommendations of the Nice Guy winning! Here are some...

A Place for Half a Rent - main char leaves his cheating ex-boyfriend and chooses a decent and devoted new lover. <3

Jounetsu no Young Man - again, main char chooses the loving devoted puppy-type smile over the arrogant man that once deserted him and tries to take him back.

Yume no Kodomo - the ex is EVIL here seriously and tries to continue the relationship, but after a long battle the sweet guy finally wins.


Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara - not so much a competition as a rescue, lol. The guy is saved from an abusive relationship by his childhood friend who becomes his new lover. The friend was a bit of an idiot in taking so long to realize that a rescue was necessary though...

Doushitemo Furetakunai - not overt competition again but I think the abusive ex tries to restart the relationship at one point but the new, loving partner stops that from happening.

I haven't really spoiled any of these mangas since they're in the "Nice Guy Wins" thread, so that should make the ending pretty obvious already. Lol.

Last edited by tartufo at 3:52 pm, Oct 20

Post #329114
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3:30 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 124

Obaka-chan, Koigatariki kind of..
roll eyes

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Post #329115
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3:35 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 88

I'd say Pastel and,, inspired by Arche avatar, how about Toradora! confused

Post #329119
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4:58 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 87

I guess I would recommend Uwasa no Midori Kun... ^^ Not saying any spoilers but she does pick the nice guy at the end smile

Post #329120

5:03 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 535

I think these can count:
Cat Street
Spoiler (highlight to view)
she was with the wrong guy she didnt feel a connection before

Silent Eye
Spoiler (highlight to view)
her bf left her and she ends up with a different guy

Dreamer!!: definitely fits the criteria
Magnolia Waltz
Spoiler (highlight to view)
watch the ending
or Waltz wa Shiroi Dress de depending on what do you consider as the good or the bad guy
Random Walk
Kanon by Saitou Chiho
Ten Yori mo Hoshi Yori mo

Last edited by cliff at 5:16 pm, Oct 20

Help! I'm looking for... manga with dangerous guys ge=1#post594033
Post #329121

5:12 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 12

I recommend School days, the male is probably the hero to all guys.

Post #329127
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6:36 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 991

Blanc Marie
Matsuri Special - Probably.
Ningyo Ouji
Paradise Kiss
The Scarlet Chair
Vanilla Ice - Gah, it seemed like a classic "nice guy winning" story, but the author got sick and the series was never completed. Tres sad.
Zig Zag Don - The "nice guy winning" twist better happen, or I will eat my sock.

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Reading: Kingdom, Sangokushi, Historie
Post #329135 - Reply to (#329127) by Odette
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7:40 pm, Oct 20 2009
Posts: 1354

Quote from Odette
The "nice guy winning" twist better happen, or I will eat my sock.

So you wear only one? biggrin

Sorry, I just found that comment so charming that I had to respond to it. Thanks for your suggestions, Odette! Thanks as well to omimon, cliff, eternaltorture (that's one heck of a username!), MapleSyrup (hopefully your recs will be as tasty as your handle) and arche. smile

Post #329205
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12:52 am, Oct 21 2009
Posts: 128

Edit: Actually I'm so desperate to see the Nice Guy win that I'll even read yaoi/BL romances where the Nice Guy gets the, er... other guy. JUST SOMEONE LET THE NICE GUY WIN, PLEASE. ;_;

Really? Now you're playing my music. biggrin

Doushitemo Furetakunai - already recommended and I also recommend. It's just sweet. Makes you feel warm inside.

Mirai no Kioku - Kento is simply adorable and makes everything he can to make Akira (who is beautiful but a brat) happy.

Koi no Okite - remember that kind of plot Prince save Princess from the devil guy? It's exactly what happens here, but with two Princes. wink

Mata Ashita - the first three stories (it's a sequence). It's simply adorable and the big good guy wins.

Sakende Yaruze - this is a long one but the story is great. I spent hours anxious to know if the good guy would conquer the other one.

And if you want to read something that really will make you laugh, try Jinsei wa Barairo Da. The good guy wins and it's hysterical.

Have fun biggrin

Last edited by daniyagami at 1:04 am, Oct 21

Post #339159
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A leaf in a forest

2:18 am, Dec 3 2009
Posts: 43

It's my sentiments exactly, the OP has done a good job expressing what was bottomed inside my mind, but it was so charming and funny laugh *Subscribe*

I second Paradise Kiss
YOSHIHARA Yuki's good guys usually win eyes
Magnolia Waltz: I consider the other guy a good guy too roll

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Post #339204 - Reply to (#329115) by MapleSyrup
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5:53 am, Dec 3 2009
Posts: 51

Quote from MapleSyrup
I'd say Pastel and,, inspired by Arche avatar, how about Toradora! confused

Pastel is the best one that i have read that the nice guy gets the girl and i think Toradora! fits.

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