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Emotionally strong female lead

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From User Message Body
Post #440831
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4:25 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 303

Ok I'm just gonna keep this nice and simple. I'm looking for ANY romance manga where the girl is not constantly crying in front of guys every single chapter. I don't mind if she cries every single page, as long as its not in front of any guy (ex. cries by herself and then puts on a brave, smiling face for her crush/bf). I just CANNOT stand it when the girl goes like "oh, I'm having an argument with my bf, so I think I'll just cry it out with my guy - friends" and ending up getting like 100 guys after her when all she does is cry. NO no

However, I know that sometimes the heroine just can't help it (like she doesn't even know that she's crying until she sees the shocking expression of the guy) or it happens to make the story go along (like the guy finally realizes that she's just acting tough for him, so he can't keeps on hurting her), so I don't mind where she cries like once or twice throughout the entire series

An example of what I DON'T want is Ichigo Channel where Ichiko is always complaining about Kanzaki (about how he likes her girl self and not as #1, him having a gf, etc), and then crying about it to her manager and god knows how many other boys after I gave up on it >.>

Although I can't think up of any examples right now but at Switch Girl!! in an extra chapter where Nika was in her childhood and she liked this boy in her class and they always arm wrestled. But then he liked another girl in their class but Nika was strong and didn't cry over it but instead she bravely smiled at him when he asked her to arm wrestle for a last time eyes

I have looked at older topics but didn't find want I was looking for cry. So please post lots and lots of recommendations biggrin

Post #440836
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4:40 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 337

Hope these hit the mark. I'm not sure what you've read and I'm afraid these might be rather obvious. My memory could be a bit off, but to the best of my recollection, crying is minimal to nonexistent, and I definitely consider the women emotionally strong.

Red Lion
Midnight Secretary
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Akuma to Love Song

Post #440843

4:56 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 710

Kaichou wa Maid-sama
She's very emotionally strong. She yells a LOT more than she cries (she only cries a couple times, and it embarrasses her)

I second Dengeki Daisy. The heroine from that manga is awesome.

Last edited by unusuallove at 7:15 am, Jan 18

Post #440856
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6:09 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 349

Cat Street
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari
Dengeki Daisy
Junai Tokkou Taichou!
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Kimi wa Pet: Exactly what you want.
Oresama Teacher
Vampire Knight
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Last edited by xgloriOHz at 7:18 am, Jan 18

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Post #440864 - Reply to (#440843) by unusuallove
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6:36 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 62

Quote from unusuallove
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
She's very emotionally strong. She yells a LOT more than she cries (she only cries a couple times, and it embarrasses her)

I would actually argue that the main character isn't emotionally strong. Rather than crying all the time, it's like she's the other extreme -- always yelling, never comfortable with any emotions. It can be just as annoying as a girl who cries a lot. *shrugs*

But I'd second Dengeki Daisy, of course; the heroine is very, very down-to-earth and realistic, but still strong. She's one of my favorite characters. <3 But since it's so popular, I wouldn't be surprised if you've already read it.

If you're looking for a girl that's almost unemotional, I'd suggest Saver, Akuma to Love Song (though she does learn to get a little more emotional in later chapters), Kimi wa Pet (she can't cry or show her true emotions in front of her boyfriend, for instance, and I'd reeeally recommend this one for you), or Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (I've heard the main character's very stoic and observant, so I'd presume she doesn't cry often. XD)

Ciel's heroine is rather emotionally intelligent, too. I like her. She can easily tell when someone's interested in her. It's funny. (y)

It's hard for me to think of emotionally strong characters immediately. I can think of... "strong female leads," of course, heroines that I really admire, but... I can't specifically single them out based on emotional intelligence. I feel like most romance heroines may be admirable, but are clueless when it comes to... emotions, so.. -__- If you'd like, I can find those "strong female leads" that don't cry, but they might just be emotionally clueless, too.

Edit: Oh, right, and Warau Kanoko-sama might have what you're looking for, too.

Last edited by aetherwyn at 6:45 am, Jan 18

"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's."
Post #440865 - Reply to (#440856) by xgloriOHz
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6:38 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 337

Quote from xgloriOHz

Oh, Mars is great and she does get a lot stronger emotionally as she grows through out the series. But. She cries a lot, especially in the first few volumes.

Post #440872
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6:58 am, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 991

Gokinjo Monogatari
Karakuri Odette
Land of the Blindfolded
Ouran High School Host Club
Saiunkoku Monogatari anime

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Reading: Kingdom, Sangokushi, Historie
Post #440933
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4:23 pm, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 1192

ehm Itoshi no Nina
a bit forget tho... only remember my impression about the female char, she's strong

Post #440958
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6:45 pm, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 303

Thanks a lot everybody! I have read a lot of the mangas but I think I'll start rereading some of the ones that I've dropped due to various reasons. I've heard Kimi wa Pet is a really good mange but I'm a bit hesitant to give it a try because I don't like older female younger male romance cry

@aetherwyn - I've been through the "strong female lead" category a few times but they are just literally strong females. Not exactly what I'm looking for :/ sorry.

Post #440959
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6:58 pm, Jan 18 2011
Posts: 748

hmm its been a while since I read the last chapter but I think the female lead in Crimson Hero was quite strong emotionally. Also I second or third or whatever Kimi wa Pet, its a really good manga with an awesome female lead and the romance is excellent. Momo(young male lead) complements her very well so I think you should give it a try, read first 15 or so chapters.

Angel Beats--best anime of the 2010 spring season
Post #589714
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6:12 am, Mar 6 2013
Posts: 43

ANY romance? Do you want something more mature or just plain old shoujo?
If you haven't already (I think you have)...
Beauty Pop
Skip Beat
Accel World
[m]Seista[/m] Is it shoujo confused It's manhwa but it's pretty good
Reimei no Arcana definitely in the beginning...
Shinigami Hime no Saikon.

LOL, I didn't notice this is like... two years ago

Random Walk, it was completely awful for me, like a waste of time and space, but you might like it, she's pretty strong... considering all stuff she had to put up with her boyfriends. But she's so immature... I don't really understand her so I skipped a bunch and just read the ending...
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan It's technically labelled as Shounen, but it's pretty good.
Oresama Teacher I'd say she's pretty strong, or idiotic... I suppose she's strong both physically and mentally. And she's hilarious.
Shinigami Hime no Saikon Fufufu, once again, not sure mentally strong or idiotic, but she's awesome. She's quite... unique.

Last edited by sshadow at 9:43 am, Mar 7

Post #589733
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BoReD OtAkU -_-

8:49 am, Mar 6 2013
Posts: 239

I also love reading manga with emotionally strong female characters... I'm also sick of those cry baby females. Anyways I second beauty pop

Hibi chouchou She's emotionally strong so far, I've never seen her cry. The story is really adorable and is kind of unique.

Siesta Another manga with a female hiding her real feelings. Actually its a manhwa but the art is amazing... I love this manga so much

Stroke Material If you don't mind smut. It's not really smutty still, it's one of my favorites.

LAST GAME Emotionally strong female lead... She's the perfect candidate on what you're definitely looking for...

I'll add more if I can...

Anyways [spoiler][m]Watashi ni xx shinasai[/m] The girl is emotionally strong?? I don't think so... She does appear like she is.. Well, I love the manga but she become annoying on the later parts...

User Posted Image
Post #589736

9:42 am, Mar 6 2013
Posts: 535

Yeonmo she's pretty tough emotionally
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
although she has a weakness: if she's really stressed out, she'll go into sleep mode, which was revealed later in the story

Show Princess
Ashita no Ousama
Cat Street
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago

disagree with Watashi ni xx shinasai!

and if you're okay with old shoujo, you should definitely go with: Yokohama Monogatari and try other YAMATO Waki's other works such as Haikara-san ga Tooru. Both titles have feminism as one of their themes laugh
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
where else can you get a woman who beat other men in drinking competition and fell on top of her fiancee when she's climbing a tree
smile wink grin

Last edited by cliff at 11:09 am, Mar 6

Help! I'm looking for... manga with dangerous guys ge=1#post594033
Riesa Saki
Post #589739
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10:52 am, Mar 6 2013
Posts: 62

The first came out from my mind is Akagami no Shirayukihime she almost haven't see her tears (or never--I forgot) and she's perfectly have strong mentally. Horimiya the second. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Keishichou Tokuhanka 007, Koi dano Ai dano are fit too.

Post #590114
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1:29 pm, Mar 9 2013
Posts: 399

Kare Kano, amazing manga, you should definitely read it!

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"In a world where most people would be crazy, then it would be normal to be crazy and crazy to be normal... but then again, if you were normal, then you would be crazy... isn't it crazy what a paradox a little craziness can create?"
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