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a long manga with good story

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3:03 am, May 6 2011
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need recommendations.
good story, good art. preferably shoujo or josei and completely scanlated. can be light or heavy drama, comedy or adventure. something like basara, midnight secretary or koukou debut.
anything as long as it's 5 volumes long or more.

--3 volumes can do. i'll take manhwas too.
thanks smile

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3:42 am, May 6 2011
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Kimi wa Pet
Lovely Complex

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The Living Paradox

3:46 am, May 6 2011
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Kanata Kara

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3:50 am, May 6 2011
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La Corda d'Oro
Cat Street
Hana Kimi
Skip Beat!
Penguin Revolution
Never Give Up!
Nousatsu Junkie
Kitchen Princess
Beauty Pop
1/2 Prince
Switch Girl!!
Neck and Neck
[m]Moe Kare[/m] and other mangas by author
I Accept You

All I can think of right now, not too much drama and some of them extremely funny.
more serious ones
Can't Lose You
100% Perfect Girl

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
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4:08 am, May 6 2011
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I second Kanata Kara and 1/2 Prince / 1/2 Prince (Novel)

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8:35 am, May 6 2011
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Just for kicks: Gokusen -- it's pretty episodic, but it will provide the laughs.

As for something that's got a long plot:
Hachimitsu to Clover -- though I watched the anime (both seasons), and it was beautiful. Slice-of-life, romance, comedy, drama, coming-of-age... oh soooo... gaaaaaaaaah... I loved it.
Fruits Basket -- another touching story with multiple characters. My first manga. I loved this as well.
Houkago Hokenshitsu -- very interesting!! It kept me glued to the screen. It's dark and just strangely good.

I'll second Kimi wa Pet... I should really finish this...
Emma (though seinen) is pretty good... I should really finish this as well.

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9:10 am, May 6 2011
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Love Monster (completed)
The Wallflower (ongoing, its Japanese name is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge; but I probably made some type-os there)

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9:47 am, May 6 2011
Posts: 49

Anatolia Story

Taiyou ni korosareta
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his and her sonnet

10:50 am, May 6 2011
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kare kano-must read!

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Expert Lurker

11:53 am, May 6 2011
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I second a bunch of the earlier recommendations

Try Tokyo Crazy Paradise a pretty long early manga by the Skip Beat mangaka. One of my favorites.

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12:24 pm, May 6 2011
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hikaru no go XDDDDDDDDDD

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1:33 pm, May 6 2011
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hatenkou yuugi
beginning art isnt that good but it becomes better, and the storylines excellent biggrin

Dream State
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the fork of truth

1:57 pm, May 6 2011
Posts: 254

Aishiteruze Baby 7Volumes
Ludwig Kakumei 4V
A kiss to my Prince 5V
Mana 4V

they're not too long though...
hope some of them will take your interest...

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3:58 pm, May 6 2011
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thank you! thank you! i've already read some of those. Kimi wa Petto is actually one of my favorite mangas biggrin
i'll definitely try the others. i'm stuck at home the whole summer vacation so please keep it coming smile

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4:24 pm, May 6 2011
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Eternal Sabbath - Very interesting thriller/romance.

Not Complete:

7 Seeds - By the mangaka of basara. My favorite manga. Epic cast and incredible narrative. (14 volumes out)

Cat Street - Acting manga~ Pretty good smile

Hoshi wa Utau - Angsty manga by the mangaka of fruits basket.

Gakuen Alice - Might be too childish. It's a cute and heartwarming series about children with special gifts.

Dengeki Daisy - Very good shoujo manga.

Oboreru Knife - Ignore the art on the summary page. It is very different in the manga. An excellent love story. Only 3 volumes are scanslated, but the series is more than 9 volumes long.

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