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Grown up romance

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From User Message Body
Post #560512

1:48 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

Hi, its the first time i'm posting sumffin here, but i already tried to find wut i'm looking for but cant find anything that i really enjoy outhere n i dont have anywhere left to find...
so cutting it short, im LF a mature relationship,


no annoying shoujos/josei with annoying girls n cliches,
no HS crap
no Shounen/Seinen wuss with no action at all (if u know wut i mean)
no indecisive MC
no very very very slow romance
no no no no no yaoi/shounen ai
no heartbreaking ending

OK stuff

Seinen with a happy harem is ok
Love triangle like in "Kimi wa petto" is ok
Wuss/Annoying MC that grows decent in a good pace is ok
Stupid Seinen like "Virgen no Kankei" n "Love Lucky" is ok if u dont have anything else

Sex content is a must for me, cuz i dont like childish rlshp, but not necessarily smut, just need to be there once in a while. (If it dont have it, u can post anyway but its not wut i'm looking for right now)
i prefer it to be Josei in terms of romance, and seinen for the comedy
if u need reference for what i'm talking about u can see my completed list

*i really wud appreciate if it was a completed manga or at least being scanlated with 4 volumes already out.

The best romances i had ever read was "Kimi wa petto" "Midnight secretary" "Honeymoon salad" "Velvet Kiss" "Private prince", if u had ever read some mature romance, with matures MC and without annoying love triangles, if dont, u can plz tell me anything that comes to mind!

I'm already thanking u if u took ur time to read this goddamnlong post with 2 many specifics!
And i know a lot of ppl will thank u 2, cuz i know theres a lot of buddies out there looking for similar things without good replies! biggrin

Post #560513

1:50 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

btw, if any of u ever need tips on anything, just pm me!

Post #560516
user avatar

1:56 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 243

Stuff by Shinohara Chie may be what your looking for. Her leads sometimes start out a bit wimpy but they grow and get better as ya go.

Post #560518

2:01 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

i read Red River already n it was the best historical romance for me, i'll try see more titles from her, thank you so much!

Post #560519
user avatar

2:02 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 71

Renai Junkies, fits fairly well, MC might be a bit indecisive but he grows a bit. Might have more smut than what you're looking for.
Velvet Kiss, pretty good romance, written by one of my favorite authors.
Natsu no Zenjitsu, definitely fits what you're looking for.

That's all I can remember, hope I could help.

Post #560520 - Reply to (#560519) by Brokyl

2:07 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

i already Velvet Kiss, But Renai n Hetakoi fit, i read some chapters a long time ago n forgot bout them, n Natsu is difinitely very good indeed, but the scalation is very slow.

Thank very much for the tips!

Post #560522
user avatar

2:27 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 111

I'm not quite sure what you mean by, "Mature", whether it be in terms of the reader or the realism in the story. I'll just see it as the latter.

Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai Is a really good one. Good female protagonist, normal but fairly attractive love interest. Although the scanlations are incomplete, I feel this is a must.

Solanin is great, but it has a small amount of tragedy. Not so much, that you'll cry your eyes out. It's very inspiring and very real.

Otoyomegatari is one of my current favorites. The art is beautiful and the romance isn't over the top and is very realistic and mature.

Bonnouji very cute and mature. Realistic.

Shigeshoushi I looove this one a lot. It's great, I think you'll like it.

Oh yeah, most of these have small sex scenes in them, ^^ not a lot though

Post #560524
user avatar

2:33 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 312

Maybe Happy Negative Marriage and Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu as seinen with lots of mature content. I never read Yellow Heart, but from what I see is a very very violent one, so perhaps isn't what you're looking for.

Mmm also The Other Side of the Mirror is quite enjoyable. Shigeshoushi is kinda slow in romance and releases, but if you want go ahead.

Post #560525
user avatar

2:36 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 332

You will probably like:
Kono Uta wa Kimi no Tameni
Love - Motto Aishite
Paradise Kiss
Genshiken (start reading it if you haven't - it's great)
and Yoshihara Yuki's works

Last edited by coffee_11 at 2:56 am, Jul 11

Post #560573 - Reply to (#560522) by AUOdere

10:17 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

Thx a bunch!

Gozen 3 seems very interesting, didnt know bout that manga!

I dont know y i didnt start reading Solanin till now, but i'm with it here on my reading list for a long time n i never read it.

Otoyomegatari has the best female lead ever, i like her so much, just wish that they got at least a kiss, even if he is a child, they're married for christ sake ><

The other 2 seem nice too, i'll certainly start to read one of them, thx again!

Happy Negative Marriage seems really nice, i like the art of this author, the girls are always hot, but he makes always some ugly wimp ass for male lead, but i'll give it a try.

I crossed my paths so many times with Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu, but the plot always let me down, n bout Yellow Heart, it seems that theres no scalation anymore, but i dont care bout violence n heavy contents, i just dont like 2 topics to the extreme, Rape of female lead (but cases like Bitter Virgin are ok) and NTR.

The Other Side of the Mirror is really good, i read it a couple days ago, n i'll give i try on Shigeshoushi even if i dont like slow romance tho.

Kono Uta wa Kimi no Tameni - Love Triangle seems heavy, not my taste :/
Cappuccino - I'll ready Cappucchino right now, since its short, seems really nice, thx
Love Motto Aishite - i prefer a long read, n i dont like infidelity stuff if its not in a comedy tone
Paradise Kiss - Seems a really good manga, but i never started cuz of the Love Triangle tag, but i'll give it a try, thanks dude.
Genshiken - I Have it in my wish list here, n i know its great, but i didnt know that it had romance in it.
i already read a couple of Yoshihara Yuki sensei works, they're pretty funny, i really like her perveted femmale lead, it kinda resembles some of my girl friends, just think that the chibi stuff sometimes are annoying.

Thanks for ur post smile

Last edited by lambchopsil at 4:28 pm, Jul 11

Post #560576

10:45 am, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 106

Some of this may be more or less "mature romance" but you can see what you think.

Gantz gets more romance when you pass some chapters. (dont know ending)
B. Shock! is funny
Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie is ok and mature
Haru yo, Koi
Kurozuka action and romance. Cool ending. Has anime that is really good.
Honeymoon Salad strange but entertaining
D-ASH story starts in elementary school but goes fast on to high school and college.
Sukimasuki really funny and imature in a mature way. Original!
Nonchan to Watashi
Billionaire Girl
Kick no Oneesan this can become really great. Hoping for more soon.
Toribako House
Kiki (UNITA Yumi)

havent read the last 4, but the other mangas from that author has "mature romance" and cool plot.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) - "Man is more ape than many of the apes."

Jean-Paul Sartre - "You are--your life, and nothing else."

Henrik Ibsen - "The majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right."
Post #560586 - Reply to (#560576) by kaidiego

1:24 pm, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 12

thank you very much for ur list dude, i read almost everything u posted n they really do fit exactly wut i asked, i'll not comment on everyone u posted but, Kurozuka is one of the best mangas i ever read.
Sadly some that u posted are not being scanlated n the 4 last ones have no scalation wutsoever.

I'll start read REC as soon as possible, same goes for B. Shock, they're the ones that i havent read n are completed/scalating, thanks again!

BTW. i really liked ur quotes of "Sartre" n "Henrik Ibsen" , i love philosophy smile

Post #560591
user avatar

1:49 pm, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 124

Kimi wa Petto is one of those rare romance stories that are cute and not that regular annoying cliche, yet kinda realistic as well in terms of emotion, not the setting. Well for me, I watched the drama and not the manga lol.

I'd suggest Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang, but first off it's raw, second there's only two volumes of manga atm. If the manga sticks to the original novel storyline though, eventually it'll fit pretty well. If you can read Chinese or able to find a English translation to the novel though, give it a go, very good.

Wedding will probably fit quite nicely as well.

Other than that, these might fit to a certain point:
Until Death Do Us Part
Kimi no Knife
Jotei (watched the drama... dunno about manga)
Kaze yo, Banri wo Kake yo (can't remember if it fits or not)
Kingyo Sou
Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso

Oh and, what is HS btw? o.O;;

Bleh keep remembering novels and not mangas ><. I know a few more that fits nicely if you'll take those as well though...

Post #560594 - Reply to (#560586) by deathhh

2:11 pm, Jul 11 2012
Posts: 106


Yeah i agree Kurozuka is amazing... I find really interesting the situation that the main character is in. A mix of love, desperation, paranoia. But he never gives up, so it goes on and on into infinity haha! And the main female lead... really really sexy hahaha Actualy i watched the anime, but I am letting some time go and then I am going to read the manga.

Regarding those last ones i hope they get more attention, becouse they seem interesting.

I really enjoy philosophy to. Henrik Ibsen is a norwegian writer that wrote some really cool theater script. In his play "Enemy of the people" his main character says "The majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right." - one of my favorit quotes haha

Since we seem to have similiar taste I am gona check your public lists for mangas smile

If you also enjoy anime you could check Baccano! at
It has cool mix of action, love, horror, comedy and so on. Original and eccentric characters.

Last edited by kaidiego at 2:17 pm, Jul 11

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) - "Man is more ape than many of the apes."

Jean-Paul Sartre - "You are--your life, and nothing else."

Henrik Ibsen - "The majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right."
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