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Strobe Edge, L-DK, Hapi Mari, Midnight Secretary...

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From User Message Body
Post #429567
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4:51 am, Dec 5 2010
Posts: 9


I am in need of a manga guru!!! I am desperately looking for new shoujo/josei manga to read... I have went through 'Advanced Search' and still haven't find anything I like...

I am very, very fussy about the art, I think Oishii Kankei and Hana yori Dango are the ugliest art that I can put up with (because they have reasonable plots)... I love the work of mangakas such as Watanabe Ayu, Enjouji Maki and Ohmi Tomu.

I am after a medium to long series of rom com, preferably with no tragedy and not historical... and definitely no yaoi, yuri, shounen ai or shoujo ai for the leads. And I want lots and lots of 'doki doki' moments!!!!

Below are my absolute favourites (and am re-reading them on a regular basis):
Strobe Edge
Hapi Mari
Midnight Secretary

And here are those that I have enjoyed:
Galism (I found it a bit silly and was a tad disappointed with the final pairing)
Himitsu no Ai-chan
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta
Kaikan Phrase
Kimi ga suki
Marmalade Boy (not very good art!)
Parfait Tic!
Yoru Cafe
Senpai to Kanojo
Soryanaize Darling

If you guys have similar taste to me, please please please recommend some manga to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*begs*)

Post #429571
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5:02 am, Dec 5 2010
Posts: 161

kaichou wa maid-sama
kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
watashi ni xx shinasai
faster than a kiss
akuma to love song-gorgeous art
switch girl
oresama teacher
charming junkie
shinobi life-somewhat historical
karakuri odette
NG life-hilarious
shiawase kissa sanchoume

hope this helps!

Post #429578

5:21 am, Dec 5 2010
Posts: 281

Lovely Complex
Gokinjo Monogatari
Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute
V.B. Rose
Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei

Post #429610 - Reply to (#429578) by chibilin
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8:15 am, Dec 5 2010
Posts: 1439

Quote from chibilin

Yes! Read this one! In fact, read all of YOSHINO Aki's works! They're soft but have doki-doki moments! smile

It seems like you're in a chick-lit mood (aka: there's some smut going on, ohohohohohooo~)
Have you tried YOSHIHARA Yuki? She's the queen of light-hearted sex comedies. Try Chou yo Hana yo.

Not very "romcom" per say, but don't skip this one: Suki-tte Ii na yo...
Black Bird -- same can be said of this... but for some reason, it leaves just enough spice to get your heart racing... (at least, for me it does...)
Biyaku Café -- spicy spicy!! Kind of episodic though...

Post #429734
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8:07 pm, Dec 5 2010
Posts: 4

Yes, definitely agree with a lot of what the other posters have mentioned.

Definitely Suki-tte Ii na yo, Koibana!, Blue, Kinkyori Renai, Kare wa Tomodachi, Tonari no Atashi, ANY of Oda Aya's work, Hot Gimmick, ANY of Shimaki Ako's work, ANY of Kitagawa Miyuki's work...And basically a LOT more but too many to list here.

These are all very high in the "doki doki" factor that you're talking about and the art is definitely on the better side. Hope that helps!

Post #429847
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2:34 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 9


Thank you so much for your replies... (*bow*)

I am starting to read all the recommendations and will post back what I think!

I love the work by Yoshihara Yuki and Yoshino Aki! Though I can't say I like all their stories!

About [m]Suki-tte li na yo[/m], it's a pity that the male leads is not bishie (that's the reason I stopped reading, but the story is kind of sweet though!)... I am shallow... dead

As for Biyaku Cafe, I think the female leads got jumped too early to be reasonable, don't you think? I will have to read this again...

As for Blue, I semi-like the art... they are good but the characters look too childish... also, I am not a fan of teacher-student relationship...

Thanks for the recommendation of Kitagawa Miyuki's work, but her artwork is really not my type... am I that shallow?!?!?!?!

Anyway, thanks for all the help so far and please keep recommending!!!

Alaena Night
Post #429854
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AKA Roseille

3:12 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 326

I love Strobe Edge! It presents itself with a pretty basic shoujo plotline, but it kicks cliche to the curb and absolutely shines. And the characters are so lovely. ;A;

If you're looking for Strobe Edge style adorable, I would without a single doubt in my mind suggest that you read Kingyo Sou. Yumemiru Taiyou also, for some reason, reminds me of Strobe Edge. If you haven't read these, they may be up your alley. Akagami no Shirayukihime has the same kind of cuteness that Strobe Edge has, as well. (If I remember correctly.)

Hmm... have you read Cat Street? It's by the same mangaka as Hana Yori Dango, but her art style improves drastically. Also, this mangaka's Tora to Ookami is absolutely precious. (And I normally wouldn't say that, but... it's amazing.)

You might enjoy Hana no Namae, but I'm not entirely sure. I know I enjoyed it a lot.

Shuukatsu is also a cute jousei.

YoutubeDeviantARTRoseille Scans
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Post #429871
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4:03 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 9

Hi Alaena Night,

Thanks for your recommendations!!!

I have a hard time following [m]Yumemiro Taiyou[/m] (I read the first few chapters, but then it went on to a different story?!)... may be I have to give it another go!

I saw Kingyo Sou and didn't read it as I have a tendency to avoid sadness/tragedy... but since you recommend it, I will read it soon!

As for Akagami no Shirayukihime, I thought red-hair girl is weird and give it up... jee, I don't have much imagination or tolerance, do I?! I will read it now though...

I have heard Cat Street is good and the mangaka's art has improves... but I saw tragedy and steer away from it!!! Haha, will now read it as well!

Isn't the guy from Hana no Namae mean? I started reading it and then lost interests... ok, back on reading list!

I just finished Shuukatsu, but I am not convinced or satisfied... that girl flustered too much!!! I don't see why he will fall for her at all!!! It might seems harsh, but I just don't get the 'feel'!!!

I am going to drop everything and read Tora to Ookami now... biggrin

Thanks so much again!!! Have you read The Prince's Cactus? I love it, though there are things in the plot they can developed a bit more!

Alaena Night
Post #429886
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AKA Roseille

4:46 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 326

@ Buywrong: Thank you for taking the time to respond! Yeah, many of these manga have flaws. Most of the stories I read are more serious shoujo, but I do love the cute (and actually good ones when I find them). I love this topic because it's very true - the ones that are adorable but still good can be very hard to find. ^^;; I am also a fan of sad stories, or at least stories with very complex emotions and wonderful characters development (which often deal with the sadder and more harsh parts of life) but I tried to avoid mentioning the sad ones for this post. XD

Yeah, Shuukatsu was kind of... ^^; But I did find the fact that it was placed in college kind of refreshing. It was nice to pass time with, and the characters were quite cute. I suppose I can identify with clumsy heroines who don't know what to do with themselves because I'm that way as well. I can be a bit flustered.

The guy from Hana no Namae does seem quite mean, and is sometimes mentally unstable, but I found the slowly developing romance and character development beautiful to watch.

I would absolutely reccommend Kingyo Sou and Tora to Ookami. They're both absolutely adorable and wonderful. Cat Street is also amazing. It can tug at your heart a little, but I promise there is a satisfactory ending. ♥

I haven't heard of The Prince's Cactus. I'll have to take a look! Ah, there are a lot of series that could use more development, but we take the good ones where we find them. biggrin I'll have to give that one a read. Thank you for recommending it!

YoutubeDeviantARTRoseille Scans
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Post #429912 - Reply to (#429847) by buywrong
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6:56 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 1439

Quote from buywrong
As for Biyaku Cafe, I think the female leads got jumped too early to be reasonable, don't you think? I will have to read this again...
Yeah... well, for two of the couples, they do... I'm reading this because I want to know about the relationship between the "sweeter" couple... the college guy and glasses girl... but I agree, it's more of a smutty, quick read. I say skip this for now?

I guess our tastes are a bit different... and I might have misinterpreted your request... I recognized the "smuttier" works and tried to suggest stuff along those lines. Hm... can you be more specific about what you're looking for? Like... the protagonist's characteristics? Are far-fetched plots a no-no? Does the relationship have to be "realistic" (as in... you can actually see this happening in reality)? Is art like Kimi wa Pet considered bad? (If you don't think so, I think that this one was quite different and good...) I'm kinda sad... my suggestions were not to your liking, and I want to make it up!!

Rainy Days
Post #429932
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it's a boy

8:56 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 2954

Bokura wa Itsumo
Koukou Debut
Hidarite no Love Letter
Kimi ni Todoke
Love So Life
Mishounen Produce
Venus Capriccio
Tenshi ja Nai!!
Aishiteruze Baby

Post #429948 - Reply to (#429912) by hobbitelf518
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11:49 am, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 9

Quote from hobbitelf518
I'm kinda sad... my suggestions were not to your liking, and I want to make it up!!

eek Oh no, I am so sorry, hobbitelf518!!! I am so grateful to you!!! I appreciate all of your recommendations and everybody's as well!!! I suppose manga are just like books and movies... it's a fairly personal thing. You guys have given me so many leads to search for the next great manga!

I love sensei Yoshino Aki and sensei Yoshihara Yuki, so I think our taste are similar, it's only that I am extremely narrow-minded! no But yes, I do consider Kimi wa Pet very, very bad art bigrazz

I am going to give Black Bird another go!

Ok, let me be more specific about what I am after:
- no one-shot cos' I really want to take my time to fall in love (though I love Love Cruise);
- definitely straight for the main characters (tried Yaoi and Yuri, just can't connect);
- preferably no teacher-student relationship, absolutely no incest or older female/younger male;
- good art, with characters not too child-like (e.g. Shinjo Mayu's female leads are a bit too child-like, and Charming Junkie's male leads are too child-like);
- heaps of doki doki moments (Strobe Edge, L-DK, Hapi Mari are excellent examples);
- smut is fine (even ecchi biggrin);
- strong female, I consider someone like Ninako (Strobe Edge) is strong in her own way and not annoying, while Aine from Kaikan Phrase is a bit weak but still not too annoying;
- preferably non-feminine male, also men that are gentlemen at heart (could be mean and nasty, but never violent towards women): In my mind, Kurosaki (DAISY)'s behaviour is kinda pushing my limit, but he has his sweet moments so I can forgive him smile wink grin
- oh and preferably no cheap non-tasteful humor (that's the reason I didn't like Chou yo Hana yo)...

Oh my, this is a tall order!!! As I say I will appreciate any recommendations!

Post #429972 - Reply to (#429854) by Alaena Night
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2:40 pm, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 9

Quote from Alaena Night
Also, this mangaka's Tora to Ookami is absolutely precious. (And I normally wouldn't say that, but... it's amazing.

Oh thank you, Alaena Night, I can't wait for more!!!

Post #429981

4:05 pm, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 95

Ehh. I dont know, the only part i really found funny in Tora to Ookami has to be the part about the female lead being a fujioshi. But you can try her other works like Matsuri Special too if you liked it.

Aozora Yell, not really laugh out loud comedy, but there are many really sweet (not really romantic doki doki though) moments.

Mishounen Produce, my indulgence. Followed it from the first time i read it in Lala. I even love the frog (not a main character) !

Orange Chocolate , sweet and filled with those "doki doki" moments, especially recommended if you like fantasy + childhood friends + traditional arts. One of my current favourite shoujos.

Kamisama Hajimemashita, fantasy, pretty funny, romance is just about starting i guess.

And i know you said you cant get into anything other than hetro relationships, but do give Seven Days a try. It's really charming and i know of some people who usually dont read shounen-ai who do like it.

I like stuff with a nostalgic and laid back kinda charm but otherwise, i do see where you're coming from. biggrin

Post #430069
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11:29 pm, Dec 6 2010
Posts: 1194

I'll just add some more.. which haven't list above
Kimi no sei cute
may be you could try Dengeki Daisy, strange no one mention it before. A sweet romance. Touchy.
and may be you will like the art in Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru and Boku kara kimi ga kienai.
Doki doki? I don't know these arts suit your taste or not, Absolute Boyfriend warning:smut, Kekkon Shiyou Yo
Something a bit mature? Paradise Kiss may be not that "doki doki"...

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