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Rooting for the 'wrong' person in a love triangle

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From User Message Body
Post #551375
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6:04 am, May 17 2012
Posts: 96

I've noticed in a few love triangle stories that I end up rooting for the one who isn't fated to get the girl. Usually I dislike this because it is very disappointing when the perfect guy is stuck in friend zone while the girl falls in love with a jerk. However, I notice that the fanfiction makes up for it as most of the fans write about the girl falling for the 'friend zone' guy, which is something I love to read about after a disappointment... So I am looking for any manga/anime/drama which make you upset that the wrong guy has gotten the girl.

Notable examples: Bara no Tameni, Ouran Host Club (I loved the Haruhi/Kyouya hinting near the middle, I had silently rooted for him after that, despite it being such a minor thing), Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Also, I would love one where the plot has a twist and the girl doesn't fall for any of the main guys and instead ends up with an underdog.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kakumei no Hi by ZAOU Taishi - The pairing totally surprised me on this, I loved the twist!

Or possibly even Monkey High. Despite the underdog being the fated love interest, it is still an uncommon pairing...

Edit: Also, please specify if it is the manga, anime, or live action that you are recommending. There are quite a few good adaptions and there are many bad ones; I would rather watch a drama if the manga is made horribly and vice versa.
Edit 2: I forgot to mention that I have no genre/category restrictions. Feel free to suggest anything that fits the request, I am very open-minded.
Edit 3: Forgot to mention Coffee Prince as well. =)

Last edited by TehShush at 3:44 am, May 18

Post #551379
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I Spank U

6:16 am, May 17 2012
Posts: 43

Can't think of any mangas right now but as for dramas I recommend You're Beautiful and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The Korean version of Boys Over Flowers is also a good example (the other versions too, but I felt sorrier for the guy in this one).

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Post #551387
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7:40 am, May 17 2012
Posts: 343

I agree with you on the Kyouya thing.

Anyways, the only one that springs to mind is Brilliant magic - the one she falls for isn't the nicer guy or anything, and it's not necessarily so wholly unexpected for the reader but it certainly is for that guy.
The situation is kinda like Moe kare!! - she spends a lot of time hooked on one guy and then switches near the end.

I've been reading Barajou no kiss and I know who I'm rooting for but I already have that sinking feeling - I don't reckon he's gonna win.

Anyways this one may be a spoiler:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Saint dragon girl miracle
it feels pretty obvious who she is going to end up with for a long while but then you start to think 'well, just maybe' and as of yet it is still being translated but spoilers for the ending are already out and she ends up with the underdog.
Best thing with that one is - I was rooting for him!!

I'll edit this later, I'm sure I know some more...

Post #551395
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8:37 am, May 17 2012
Posts: 92

Totally understand how you feel. But I've often wondered if it's just because of the role, that I feel sorry for him or do I actually truly think of him as a better option.

Post #551465 - Reply to (#551395) by Mifish
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7:20 pm, May 17 2012
Posts: 96

Quote from Mifish
Totally understand how you feel. But I've often wondered if it's just because of the role, that I feel sorry for him or do I actually truly think of him as a better option.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
About 20% of my rooting is because they are the pitiful underdog. The other 80% is because I truly cannot see why on earth the girl likes the main guy (of course her love is usually some weird obsession which any normal person wouldn't call love >.> ). In the Hana Kimi manga I wasn't too upset that she was with the main guy, but in the drama it completely pissed me off because of how they made the main guy's character compared to the underdog's character. Similarly, in Bara no Tameni, both brothers were jerks but one softened up and started acting kindly and fell in love with her... so of course she is in love *coughobsessedcough* with the other brother and doesn't mind his cold behavior. The drama only emphasized this disparity. Thankfully, the fanfiction saved the day yet again, as most of the fans agree that any relationship but the main one is the best.

Post #551479
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10:45 pm, May 17 2012
Posts: 109

cat street
I kinda did nit see this one coming. (I was rooting for it while knowing that it was highly unlikely/impossible and then, twist!)

User Posted Image
Post #551484
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Manga Eater

11:04 pm, May 17 2012
Posts: 442

Most canon is usually really obvious, so it's rare that I find myself rooting for the one I know won't win.

Some that I have, though:
Bara no Tameni
Koga in Inuyasha. I always thought Inuyasha was a jerk.
Hot Gimmick; of all the men available to pick from, the lead girl chooses the worst one for her. Worst. Canon. Ever.
Legend of Korra (lol). Bolin is so much better no

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Post #551490

11:37 pm, May 17 2012
Posts: 68

I second Cat Street
and Paradise Kiss also...

Post #551555
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7:29 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 973

Otona Pink - I'm still grinding my teeth over this one. The guy who lost out was a really good guy, who genuinely loved her and ended up hurt. The guy she chose was not worth it.

Hana no Namae - She would have been better off with anyone or no one. The guy was completely unappealing. It's been a while since I read it, but as I recall there was a friend who would have been better for her. The editor, my pick, was funny and a better friend to the writer than he deserved, but I don't think he was ever in contention.

I knew Hot Gimmick would come up before I finished reading your post. laugh I'm one of the (apparent) minority who cannot imagine another pairing. It's one of her other works that I think has the wrong result - Seiten Taisei Again, I think the girl should have gone with the nice guy her age instead of the teacher.

Yaoi version - When a Man Loves a Man - Takaaki can't decide whether to stay with the one who loves him, or go back to the one he loves. He should have asked me before picking the wrong one.

Hydra, another yaoi. I was rooting for the guy that Hitomi didn't pick. But I haven't given up hope yet, because Miyamoto-sensei keeps adding stories to her universe and we may someday get a better conclusion.

These are all manga. For anime (western animation), it's Avatar: the Last Airbender. I'm a committed Zutarian. I have to cover my eyes for the final scene. dead Anybody here old enough to remember Beavis and Butthead? There was a video with a girl in a bathtub, and every time Beavis watched it, he was sure that this time the girl would stand up naked. Every time I watch the scene after the battle with Azula, where Katara runs to the injured Zuko, I am sure that this time will be the big kiss. no

Regarding Kyouya [Ouran] - I think Haruhi and he are too much alike. My theory is that he will one day meet a girl who is outlandish, exciting, loving, impractical; his opposite who will complete him - in other works, a female version of Tamaki.

Post #551560
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7:55 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 528

That's why I usually hate love triangles.

Hoshi wa Utau fits the 'girl ending with the wrong guy' at least in my opinion.

Post #551561

8:47 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 79

Well of course there's Fruit Basket. I remember actually crying when she ended up with whoever she ended up with (just in case you haven't read the story, I'm going to be vague but I doubt you haven't) because it was such a nice surprise and it was just... perfect. I liked that manga, but somehow I can't bring myself to reread it. I'm not a fantasy fan and it was too troublesome to read, not to mention I didn't like the art, they all looked like 10 year olds.

Of course there's Cat Street. Hmm, I'm going to add more later if I remember anything.

edit: Okay I just went through my reading list... these are all mostly shoujo and josei.

Bitou Lollipop - not sure if it fits exactly. It's still ongoing (and the scanlations haven't catched up with the latest release) so you can't tell for sure who she ends up with, although it's kind of obvious, still you know, you can't be too sure. I remember getting pretty scared at the beginning because I hated the guy who looked like she might end up with, but it wasn't him after all. Now he's more 'present' in the story and I don't really want him to get in between them.

Bokura ga Ita - Although I like this manga despite its drama, often times I just want to punch Nana for choosing to be miserably in love with Yano instead of choosing a calm life with Takeuchi. Maybe because I think if I was in her position I'll fall in love with Takeuchi instead.

Heroine Shikkaku - The main male lead is a jerky jerk. I've read the chapter summaries and it seems like there's going to be a turn around. I am happy!

Tonari no Atashi - Kind of the same situation with Heroine Shikkaku, now that I think about it. Childhood male leads (surprisingly they always have dark hair) taking for granted the heroines and realizing that they love them after all when a better guy comes along (the light haired cute ones).

Kuragehime - Adding this here even if it kinda doesn't fit anything because the love triangle is awesomesauce and you don't really know who to root for because both are great guys! Finally, huh?

Oboreru Knife - I read the chapter summaries and I think this manga has a great love triangle potential. The characters are incredible and I think when the scanlations catch up I will be having a hard time deciding who is the 'wrong' person in the love triangle (or is it square now, I'm not sure).

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - As much as I love Haru (the main lead) and as much as I think that they are perfect for each other, I can't help but root for the underdog. Yamaken is so moe it hurts. Lol I can't even believe I used that word. I don't want him to hurt but I also want him to realize he's not the one and can he just be a real life person, please?

Cousin - Well the scanlation was dropped (it got licensed) but the love triangle is interesting. I rooted for the underdog and
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
it is hinted in the end that there is a future for them
Not sure if he was really the underdog, hmmm, he was just the other guy who the heroine did not consider at first.

Yumemiru Taiyou - I don't read this anymore but I remember not liking it when the main male lead turned out to be the older, tsundere guy. I loved the cuter younger guy who is the heroine's same age. I don't like the older guy-younger girl dynamic most of the times.

Parfait Tic! - Who can't forget this! I love this series, I know a lot of people are annoyed by it, but wth, I really liked it. Some people really rooted for Ichi but I was one of those who rooted for Daiya, the main lead. Their archetypes are reversed somehow, in most mangas the Ichi type is the main lead and Daiya type the underdog. I liked the ending (again I just read the summaries, boohoo).

Principal - This is relatively newly scanlated and the story is still ongoing. I am rooting for the other guy. The love triangle isn't really apparent yet but you could see it coming. The girl loves someone pretty badly already (not the one I'm rooting for) and you could see hints that it is going to be an interesting dynamic between the three of them, there are actually more characters involved but who cares.

Six Half - Not sure if this belongs here, but the love relationships are interesting. I think you'll like it.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
She is in love with her older brother and there's this other guy she depends on.

Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai - I love the main lead but I rooted (albeit for a short time) for this other guy in his short appearance. He was such a good guy.

I hope you find something you like here, I enjoyed making this list! biggrin biggrin

edit 2: You were looking for other things too? For drama I recommend My Girl, Lee Jun Ki's role is basically the best 'other guy' ever in a kdrama. I think. Haha. Yeah so far this is the only one I could think of.

Last edited by kebi at 9:23 am, May 18

I also go by amatsu.
Post #551565
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9:31 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 42

If I understand correctly, you're searching for series where the heroine doesn't end with the boy you're rooting for and her choice seems wrong.

Parfait Tic! I didn't even finish reading it, because I was disappointed with it.
Crazy for You by Shiina Karuho. But again it's a series I didn't finish reading.
Blue (CHIBA Kozue) - this one's not finished scanlating yet, but I know how it'll end.
Katakoi Triangle - a super annoying love triangle. Scanlation not yet finished.
Penguin Kakumei

There are some ongoing series where you can't help but cheer on the character that's not the one the heroine's in love with.
Hiyokoi, Love So Life, Nousatsu Junkie, Kuragehime, Mairunovich, Seiyuu Ka-! (I can't help but root for Mizuki), Akagami no Shirayukihime
You can maybe check out Stardust Wink, Principal, Noah and Aruitou - there's a plenty place for development.

Quoting MaZzAx:
I've been reading Barajou no kiss and I know who I'm rooting for but I already have that sinking feeling - I don't reckon he's gonna win.

Are you rooting for a certain black-haired character like me? smile wink grin

Post #551567
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Psycho. Cracked.

9:55 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 166

Strobe Edge Seriously why does she has to follow the guy who's not even interest in her for such a freaking long time! While by her side, there's Andou, the nice lovely guy who cares for her much more than anyone. Lots of people say the main couple fits well together and the manga is brilliant but I derated it at least 5 levels lower because of the ending.

Chihayafuru It's not finished yet, but she better not end up with that glasses guy.

Sunadokei This, is actually quite good, except for the fact that the girl, again, chooses the wrong person to love.

Hannune Banhada! Season 2 and its prequel. How can she not notice? Han Se is the most amazing man in her life and he is right there. Is there a need to search for someone else? I don't know the end though, haven't had time to read the raw yet.

& She just has to fall for the old pervert man.

Masca Sigh, she should have gone with Kainen since the beginning. Then again, she goes search for him in the end, so I hope the sequel will bring them together.

Oh dear, oh dear, I feel like my blood's about to boil. There are a lot more but I better stop.

Last edited by giinko at 2:10 pm, Jul 16

Man is more ape than many of the apes.
Post #551569

10:23 am, May 18 2012
Posts: 79

^I love your list! Can I just say, I'm really not liking where & seems to be going. I hope the older perv guy is just a character to make her 'grow' and becomes one of those people in your past that you curse at but is somehow thankful of because they changed you.

Yeah, I forgot to add Strobe Edge too. I didn't really like it mainly because I find Ninako too cutesy and the whole manga is a load of cheese. I rooted for Andou for a while but I got tired of rooting for him because he became too melodramatic and I hate that. I ended up liking the main couple better.

Ao Haru Ride by the same mangaka is loads better. The main couple is the best, most adorable pairing I've shipped in a while but right now the main lead is being such a drama queen and a second guy has entered the picture. He's so cute and looks like such a good boy that I really feel bad that he has to be a plot device to make the main guy jealous. Lots of fans are sort of rooting for him in the sideways because he has the best reactions and is really a very sweet boy. The main guy is a great guy too, he just has issues (shoujo standard).

I also go by amatsu.
Post #551577
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12:00 pm, May 18 2012
Posts: 399

Kare wa Tomodachi
Crazy for you
Strobe Edge

I always tend to root for the guy I know she's NOT going to choose, just because I know this and because I hate stereotyps. I almost never root for the guy it's obvious from the first chapters she's going to end up with. This is the reason why I tend do avoid love triangles...and also the reason for why I like Moe Kare!! and Cat Street. In Moe kare!!, I really thought Arata deserved her better...

But then again, you asked for ''any manga/anime/drama which make you upset that the wrong guy has gotten the girl''. so this is highly subjective...

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