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Shoujo/Josei that you can't bring yourself to finish

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8:07 am, Sep 2 2014
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The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor- because I hate it when characters don't pursue thier dreams because of a girl/boy, and it seemed like it was going that way, so as they say "what you don't know doesn't hurt you" and I wasn't too keen on the coupling, so I decided to leave it unfinished so I wouldn't be totally disappointed if it did go the way I thought.

Hoshi wa Utau I know how it ends, but I haven't actually read the last chapters, because I never liked the main coupling, so I preferred to just drop it and pretend it never happened.

Akuma na Eros because I'm over smut and the story is plain and simple, stupid.

Kiss in the Blue Same as above, dumb heroine, dumb plot.

Hot Gimmick Same as above, dumb heroine, dumb plot.

And I'm sure that there are more, but I can't remember right now.

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6:16 pm, Sep 2 2014
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Quote from hatsumimi99
That makes me sad because it's one of my favorites. sad

For me, I'd have to go with Parfait Tic! and Vampire Knight for shoujo. It just took too long to get anywhere, and then when it finally ended, I was ready to flip tables. Especially had a lot of gripe over Parfait's handling of the ro ...

I think for Principal, it's mostly just personal taste. Both the main guys started coming off as jerks and I was really creeped out by Wao and
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Gen's sister
. But I think most people will still be completely happy with the story.

Quote from mzmflo
As for Parfait Tic, I think the problem lies with the mangaka and her way of telling the story. It is the same with her current serialisation, "Aruitou"... The art is pretty, I really like how she draw the protag and the heroine's childhood friend but the story made me really annoyed. Like, I picked up Aruitou at first because from reading the first few chapters (first 2 chapters actually was really promising), I feel like I can 100% relate to the heroine about putting on a face, hiding your true self/pain etc... but iirc, from about chapter 8 onwards (i have read until about chapter 23 so far) I just want to smack her. real. good. It's not just the undeserving heroine... enough with that wallowing already, ALL of them. I wouldn't recommend it at all if you have never read it unless you are a masochist

I'm sad the Aruitou seems like it's going nowhere. I really liked the main girl in it.

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1:45 am, Sep 18 2014
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Although its a mahnwa, Chocolat, it just got annoying because the dark haired guy was over loner/angsty and the Mc was too loud. The plot didn't really hold my interest either. The art was beautiful, however.

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1:57 am, Sep 18 2014
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biggest for me was ouran host club. i even own the volumes up to 13. but then it stopped being as funny as it was in the beginning and started focusing on all the romance and drama, BLEAGH. typical shoujo. havent read the rest of the story and havent looked back since.

there's a whole lot of shoujo out there that sound sooo good and that i'd really like to read, but they're so long! i havent read a really long shoujo since high school. im an adult and i have a job now, i need shorter stories xD oneshots ftw

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9:44 pm, Sep 19 2014
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I also refuse to finish Usagi Drop for the obvious reasons.

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3:56 am, Nov 7 2014
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I'm having issues finishing W Juliet. It wouldn't have lagged and gotten so repetitive in the middle if the main character didn't find out the cross dressing secret half way into the first chapter. It's good I never planned on reading the sequel. They're 20, they should start acting like it.

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Om Nom Nom Nom

3:40 am, Jul 2 2015
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Absolute Boyfriend - Warning: This manga has the absolute most annoying female lead character ever. It would be greatly improved just by removing her, even if it meant that the manga would end up being published in a BL magazine the two male love interests falling for each other due to the lack of a female lead. It doesn't matter that one guy is a robot.

Ouran High School Host Club - Another manga that could have been improved just by removing the female lead even if she is only maybe 1/2 as annoying/terrible as the one in Absolute Boyfriend. I am totally serious on this. Although I didn't even make it up to chapter 10, I suspect that this one is also needlessly too long.

Vampire Knight - Some of us, myself being one of them, just don't want to see whiny emo vampires, and Twilight has nothing to do with it. I got pretty far into this one all things considering, right up to the point where you find out that Zero's brother is still alive when I finally got sick of the fact that he didn't just go fall on a pile of rusty stakes in direct sunlight or something. It doesn't help things that Yuki, female lead, is also boring.

Hana Kimi - I don't get it. Sure the art is better than what I can draw, but still.... it's not good. All the "pretty" boys have giraffe necks plus they all have the same exact shape face and the same eyebrows and same mouth. Even the girl looks kinda like the boys because she has the same exact shape head and.... It's this the clone wars or something confused !?!? I couldn't even finish chapter 1, not kidding.

I know there were others, but I've chosen to selectively forget them and cannot recall their names at the moment.... nor do I want to.

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8:56 pm, Sep 5 2015
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Midnight Secretary...and somehow all of Shinjo Mayo (is the Mangakas name written like this). I like smut, but i dont know why i never seem to finish any of her work

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an Everlasting~

2:25 am, Oct 29 2015
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It's actually common for me not to finish many mangas, because I'm weird like that. Here are some popular ones that I'll never ever finish:

Vampire Knight Maybe if I can ever access this in a library without reserving...
Toshokan Sensou - Love & War I really don't like the heroine, and it's all available in the library too, still does not motivate myself to read it.
Ore-sama Teacher Too lazy
Heroine Shikkaku Because of the typical fist guy wins
Kuragehime It's getting way too long for my liking, same with [m]Skip Beat[/m]. I have an attention spam of of 5 year old XD
Nana because of the stupidity of the other Nana
Lovely Complex Not my type
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun I just got sick of it
Devil and her Love Song The love triangle at the middle of the manga pissed me off for some reasom

Plus many, many more more. Posting this makes me realise that I just don't like many popular shoujos/josei, especially if they're long.

I have finished Hana Kimi and Absolute Boyfriend, yet I hate it with passion. Only because I was younger

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I'm in idol hell T.T
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3:26 pm, Apr 24 2016
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I didn't finish the following due to various reasons:
1. Taiyou no Ie - Didn't like it, though it has such rave reviews that I'm thinking of trying it out again
3. Kyou koi wo hajimemasu, Heroine Shikkaku, Parfait Tic and others that I don't remember that were really annoying/boring. There's actually quite a bunch in this group that I just couldn't take after a few chapters.
4. Special A - it was alright, funny but not exactly riveting. I had exams nearby so I just left it around chp 7. Lazy to continue, but someday.
7. Dengeki Daisy - My laptop crashed and then I went abroad for summer (without full-time internet) so I left it somewhere in the middle. As with Special A, it wasn't bad, just no so good that I remembered to finish it (does that sound mean?). Maybe someday.

I gave up Mairunovich for sometime 'cause the heroine got a bit tiresome, but I tried it again and it wasn't bad. I also skipped some chapters of LoveCom, but technically finished it.

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