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A female Lead That is Legit Amazing

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11:57 pm, Apr 11 2017
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I am tired of Female Leads that are loud and Obnoxious, or quiet, timid, and weak. I want to see some female leads that can wow us away. I would like them to be the MAIN CHARACTER. Not a side, or love interest to the main character, or anything like that. Please do not recommend mangas like Special A, Maid-Sama, or Hana Yori Dango.
Just because they are conventionally strong, smart, or leader-like does not mean the are the real Deal. From what I can recall, they fell in love for a reason that I have yet to understand with Guys that are douchy and rude. They have their moments; But they are few. I am looking for characters like -

1/2 Prince She was amazing. She made mistakes, was Bishy crazy and was not the brightest, yet she is one of my favourite Leads. she had real character design that made her relatable and cool.

Saver Absolutly stunning. Strong, independent, cool, unbreakable, leader-like with decent flaws and perfect imperfections. She is a true Saver.

Nononono She was a little timid and kind of a crybaby, but that added to her charm. She had strong will, and strong talent that led her to defying society and everyones expectations. She was real.

I don't care about genre or length, I prefer Completed, but I don't mind if it's not. Please do what you can, I know I'm not the only one looking for things like this. Thank you.

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8:23 am, Apr 12 2017
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Shuto Heru
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Joou no Hana
Chang Ge Xing
In Full Bloom (YON Jae-Won)
Seirei no Moribito, but I recommend the anime.
Oresama Teacher
Girl Queen
Hiiro no Isu

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8:37 am, Apr 12 2017
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Seirei no Moribito

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8:49 am, Apr 12 2017
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I really liked Chinami from Yuugure Light for her outspokenness and independence as she led her life.
I can also second Basara, Joou no Hana, Chang Ge Xing, and Shuto Heru, of which all the following are historical. I would also highly recommend Oresama Teacher, which, although more lighthearted compared to the mentioned above, is also pretty emotionally impressive (once you get to know the characters at least).

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10:43 am, Apr 12 2017
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Most awesomest female lead must be Holo from Ookami to Koushinryou (Novel), but there are others...
Fenglin Tianxia - Wangfei Shisansui
Kaibutsu Oujo
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Hoshi no Samidare
Meteor Methuselah

Special award goes to Maou-jou de Oyasumi where a tiny human princess scares the crap out of all sorts of demons and monsters just by trying to sleep...

Manga read: ~4200

~1200 Ongoing...
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8:14 pm, Apr 12 2017
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I love these kinds of characters. It somehow feels like I see more of them in anime, though.

Manga adaptation only:
Miriam - Complete. Wild west historical. Cowgirl female lead, lots of action and there's a sequel.
Otogimoyou Ayanishiki - Complete. Love this girl. Japanese historical fantasy.
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni - Complete. Japanese historical. Has won several awards.

Has anime adaptation as well:
Chihayafuru - Ongoing manga, several anime seasons probably with more on the way.
Saiunkoku Monogatari - Completed manga, not all scanslated, finished anime. An all-time favorite character.
Juuni Kokki - Ongoing manga, concluded anime. Lots of character growth here.
Kemono no Souja - Ongoing manga, concluded anime.
Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World (SHIOMIYA Iruka) - Concluded anime, beginning manga adaptation (was originally a novel)

All of these are personal favorites, and I second Seirei no Moribito and Ichi.

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Anger Avoidant

10:44 pm, Apr 12 2017
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Akame ga Kiru!
kill la kill

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8:32 pm, Dec 30 2019
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Well, now an amazing female lead is right up my alley, so here are a few I think you should give a chance:

Beauty Pop (she's so goddamn amazing at what she does, and that laid back calm attitude is simply to die for, it's completed so that's a bonus)

Koi dano ai dano and warau kanoko-sama (the former is the sequel of the latter, the mc, Kanoko is really observant, smart and confident)

Gosick(She's like the Victorian Gothic Lolita version of Sherlock Holmes)

Yakusoku no Neverland (Emma is a lot more than what she seems in the beginning. Plus there's an anime too,so yay)(it was actually just released this year, so I wouldn't be too surprised if you've read it already)

Ayeshah's secret(she's really manipulative,but also awesome)

Innocent(female mc comes quite a bit later in the story, but she definitely steals the show when she's on)

Sprite(She's self-reliant and independent so it's really admirable)

Mrs Angel(A former gangster turned housewife, goddamn mind-blowing)

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8:16 am, Jan 3 2020
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Some are already mentioned so I'll just add on to the list.

Red river
Hito Hitori Futari
Kimi wa Pet
Superior and Superior Cross
Air Master guess you can watch the anime cause nobody translates the manga for decades
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge Her personality is kinda twisted too
Kare Kano
Mahou Tsukai Kurohime
Elfen Lied
Change 123
Rosario + Vampire

Chinese Translator

Accepting translation requests if the manga interests me!

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4:07 pm, Jan 3 2020
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Hengoku no Schwester

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4:49 pm, Jan 4 2020
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This one is new. Shirayuki. Authors are Christine dao / Anathasya. Its basically what if snowhite was japanese and the seven dwarves were ninjas who trained her to be a shinobi.

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7:00 pm, Jan 5 2020
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Mother Sarah in the action category. In the romcom category, Mizutama Honey Boy and Takane to Hana.

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9:25 pm, Jan 19 2020
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4:46 am, Jun 20 2020
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Akatsuki no Yona.

Scanlation Group: Mostly Vintage Shoujo
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2:07 pm, Jun 20 2020
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Medaka Box

"Bravery we all have it"
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