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Manga that deals with memories~

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Post #319374
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hoo ha

8:23 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 247

2012 Update

This thread originally started off as a normal recommendation thread. It's been three years and still going strong. I would label this as a free-for-all recommendation thread for just about anyone looking for something to read. ^^;

Appreciate everyone's participation so far. Hope more memory-related manga shows up in 2013 and beyond! ^_^ (Old and new, it doesn't matter.)

So far, I came across several series that deal with "memories", but I'm craving for more!! >D I found the "Amnesia" thread helpful to some degree. Not all the stories there got my interest, but at least, some.

("Memories" - memory loss, amnesia, reincarnation, etc. Yadda yadda..)

Please no yaoi, BL, smut, harems, etc. and etc. Thank you!

Edit: And I prefer that it's a guy who loses his memories more so than a girl. A guy can make the story more interesting..

The ones I've read so far (and can also be a contribution to here):

Kimi no Kakera - Boy protaganist has constant memory loss, but finding raws vol 5 and 6 seem to be hard. I'd love to see the end to this.
Stigmata - Main (foodie) protaganist lost his memory due to a traumatic event in the past (and I don't think this is simply due to the "accident" in the first chapter.)
W Pinch!! - Girl has a split personality and doesn't know why...
07-Ghost - Orphan boy goes on a journey to find his memories and solve a mystery that involves an important person to him.
Pandora Hearts - Girl makes an illegal contract with a boy to find her lost memories, which sets off a chain reaction to other people's memories/connections with...........
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Reincarnation of Joan of Arc meets angel-in-trainee meets another thief meets...
B-Eyes - A "killer/assassin" teenager, who doesn't remember his past from 10 years ago.
Please Save My Earth - It all starts with a girl accidentally dropping her neighbor's kid.... Reincarnation 100% story. (And apparently, there's also another manga story, that I feel is a copy of this one, somewhere out there..).
Ayashi No Ceres - The bodyguard, of the story, doesn't know who he is.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - To lose is to gain and to gain is to find. I'd probably also state the 358/2 Days manga when that comes out. KH2 also involves memory.
Karakuri Circus - The only shounen manga that I make an exception with in terms of fanservice (grr.. perv mangaka..) Asides from fanservice, the rest of the manga involves lots and lots of memories. (Maybe, an over-kill of itself...) It also relates to reincarnation in a way.
Oyayubihime Infinity - I started this manga in the bookstore three years ago and never finished it. laugh It involves reincarnation and butterfly birthmarks.
Ikaihanjouki Hiyokoya Store (a.k.a. Pick of the Litter) - Boy gets reunited with his long lost family from another world and he doesn't remember them at all. (I actually have Jpn vol 5+6 cause I don't think TP will ever go back to this series.)
Hatsukanezumi no Jikan (a.k.a. The Hour of Mice) - Involves brainwashing and escaping from facility.
Penguin Brothers - One of my favorite shoujos. <3 A girl transfers to a new school that is very weird. She meets one of the students, who knows her, but she doesn't know him....
Sailor Moon - Of course...
Release - Guy, who finds out that he's part of an assassin group from the future, but will he remember being a part of them? Note: I found the ending to be rather disappointing, because it feels like it was cut-short.
Kitchen Princess - Another favorite shoujo of mine. Cooking story that involves a girl's quest to find her "flan prince". Slight memory related event happens here.
Vampire Knight - Not my fav. shoujo in the world (since it involves vampires) but I still read it anyways. The female protaganist has one memory issue that relates with her past.
NG Life - Guy, who is stuck with his past memories, and can't seem to get over them when everyone else gets reincarnated with him. (Even if they make gender switches..) Must find more of this maaanga... It's hilarious.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Girl's memories get scattered. Boy goes on a quest to get them back. Boy gains a magician and a ninja. Warning: this series will warp your brain a lot of times. Since this is CLAMP's work, anything can happen. (It's hitzuseeen..)
xxxHolic - Boy, who can see spirits, becomes part-timer to a wish granting shop. His memory is a little messed up, but it relates to this shop and TRC.....
Edit 2: Ooh oh.. I forgot to add: Viehmannin wa Utau - Trip to the world of fairies. Main female protaganist eventually finds out she has a connection to the place. My fav Wingtip Cafe project that is shown very little love in updating... ;__;

There are a few that I left out, because I forgot their names but um... Yeah. I've read a lot. laugh Sorry for this long list!

Last edited by tgirl at 10:15 pm, Nov 8

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Post #319377
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Madame Red

8:29 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 2173

Replay is all i can think of for now~~

Post #319379
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hoo ha

8:38 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 247

Thanks and it's ok! ^_^ Plot sounds a little interesting although, it sounds like a student-teacher type of story. Hm..

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Post #319382
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8:45 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 2037

Eternal Sabbath I don't think there is a manga which deals with memory more than this one

Gunslinger Girl cyborg girls which memories are erased. They start to remember something from their previous lives later (it's not a main theme of the manga though).

Historie he has many memory flashback

World Embryo
Spoiler (highlight to view)
if I don't remember wrong she lost every memories, you discover that later

Elfen Lied warning, a lot of violence and blood here

Kurozuka same as above

Angel Sanctuary reincarnation

Mahoraba memory loss and multiple personalities

Shinigami to Chocolate Parfait if you want something really light

Except for Angel Sanctuary and Shinigami to Chocolate Parfait they all are manga that I like a lot. If you want something light and fun I'd go for Mahoraba. All the other ones are more serious. If you're a girl (I suppose so) Eternal Sabbath/Angel Sanctuary/Shinigami to Chocolate Parfait are more "popular" choices, I think.
I'll stay away from Elfen Lied and Kurozuka if you can't stand violence and/or nudity.

Last edited by reid1 at 8:56 pm, Sep 8

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Post #319383
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hoo ha

8:58 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 247

Thank you! I've heard of some of these. I'll check them out.
Edit: And yeah, I'm not too keen on nudity. Violence can be ok depending on how bloody/graphic it can get (----- as bloody as CLAMP is fine)..

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Post #319384
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Door Mouse.

9:13 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 647

Mekakushi no kuni the male main character has the power to see a person's past via touch.

Feed your head.
Rainy Days
Post #319386
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it's a boy

9:20 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 2952

Bell Princess
Memory Eaters
Moon Boy
Girl Queen (Towards the end.)

Edit: And Rave Master, the main heroine~

Last edited by Rainy Days at 9:25 pm, Sep 8

Post #319394
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10:34 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 91

Open Sesame Main girl know main boy from long ago but boy don't remember
Spoiler (highlight to view)
as post-traumatic memory disorder

Evil's Return As to do with reincarnation

Gacha Gacha - Capsule memory loss and multiple personalities ( more ecchi than mahoraba )

Kanon (MORISHIMA Petit) personally I prefer the anime for this one

Vampire Girl Reincarnation and memories of previous lives

Post #319400
user avatar

11:02 pm, Sep 8 2009
Posts: 49

IIRC, the shinigami in Full Moon wo Sagashite are humans that committed suicide that don't remember anything about their past lives.

You might also want to try these "reincarnation" threads:

ETA: Also, Ao no Fuuin is pretty good. Ordinary school girl is actually the reincarnation of a demon; memories of her carnage-filled past life to follow.

Last edited by thetindog at 11:08 pm, Sep 8

Post #319423
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12:39 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 735

Fuguruma Memories
Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu
Kagen no Tsuki

Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.
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Post #319424
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12:42 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 991

I second Heptagon, Kagen no Tsuki, Land of the Blindfolded
Spoiler (highlight to view)
(the boy not only sees other people's memories, he is trapped in his own memories of his dead mother, from which he finally escapes)
, and Replay
Spoiler (highlight to view)
(a girl and boy are reincarnated many times, each time the girl does not remember the boy, and the boy's love is unrequited)

Other mangas with a "memory" theme:
Hotel - one robot tries to keep his memories of humanity after the world is destroyed
I Wish... - Chapter 2 is about a girl who wants her boyfriend to forget his memories, but there is a twist
Spoiler (highlight to view)
(it is actually the girl who long ago lost her memories of the boy)

Kago no Naka - a girl is held captive and doesn't remember who she is
Kara no Shounen - Chapter 3(?) is about a boy whose touch makes people lose their memories
Monster - the hero is on a quest to uncover the childhood memories of a serial killer; 20th Century Boys/21st Century Boys and Pluto by the same author are similar
Mushishi - Chapter 8 is about a flower that causes people to lose their memories
Shin Angyo Onshi - the hero who is haunted by tragic memories goes into a coma in which he relives his past; there is also a story arc about a princess who has fake memories

Last edited by Odette at 12:55 am, Sep 9

Avatar by

Reading: Kingdom, Sangokushi, Historie
Post #319436

2:21 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 300

Vampire Girl - reincarnation, and LOTS of it
Kind Demon - cute oneshot about a girl who doesn't remember her promise to a childhood friend
Magic - WEIRD...reincarnation...sort of?
Kiss and Never Cry - girl loses her memory of a possibly traumatic even during her childhood.

i second mekakushi no kuni biggrin

Post #319464
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Fruit Salad

4:52 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 1354

Haruka na Machi e - Deals with childhood memories and reliving his childhood.

Post #319465 - Reply to (#319386) by Rainy Days
user avatar
hoo ha

4:56 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 247

Thank you, everyone, for your recommendations! Some of them, I have read already. The rest, I'm gonna do lots of research/track them down. Fun!

Now that I think of it, no one mentioned Moon Child, yet. Which, I never read, but I know it's one of those classic shoujos (or it wouldn't have reached Viz's doorstep). Unfortunately, I'm not too big on the mermaid/men department or I would've digged into it years ago. But, for those of you who like some gender-bending and a memory loss half mermaid story, this one would be up your gutter. ^_^

Quote from Rainy Days

Aaack!! eek I should've had that in my list. Thank you for mentioning it! It's my #1 favorite manhwa (which somehow ends up dealing with reincarnation too, that I've yet to see once English Vol 8 year!! Wahhhhhh...).

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Post #319481
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6:37 am, Sep 9 2009
Posts: 991

Another one is Taiyou no Ichiwaru - the story called "A Strange Gene"
The female character has forgotten where she really is. Can't say more without ruining the ending.

Avatar by

Reading: Kingdom, Sangokushi, Historie
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