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awesome manga people don't read (Underrated manga)

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Me too ♥

3:28 pm, Sep 7 2013
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Butakai Ouji to 100 Kai no Kiss
Hana wa Knife o Mi ni Matou
Lip Smoke
No Title

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10:54 am, Nov 10 2013
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Ann Cassandra
Sengoku Strays

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4:12 am, Nov 12 2013
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Drifting Classroom

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12:04 pm, Nov 12 2013
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Seishun pop is okay I guess biggrin. Also, yamada and the seven witches.

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12:29 pm, Nov 12 2013
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Bio meat for me was one of the few mangas i started reading like for no reason and when i finished it in one breath i was like omg this manga is awesome. I had low expectations but the manga surprised me.

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12:48 pm, Nov 12 2013
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Kenka Shoubai

Both are so random and really funny. A bit nsfw though haha

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3:38 pm, Nov 12 2013
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Hajimete no Aku.
Liar Game
Cage of Eden

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3:56 pm, Nov 12 2013
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I don't even know what's popular and what's not but here are some of my favorites that I don't think are as popular. I'm a big fan of with more cute characters and a bit of casual feel (so all of these manga are probably gonna have that)

Incomplete: Liar x Liar Kinda adult, but not really. Some nudity later on but nothing more than what a slightly provocative shoujo would have. It's not really dramatic, and the characters are just cute. I don't recommend it if you can't stand when there's an unresolved problem that could probably be easily solved, though.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
But Minato is always trying to tell the truth but it's like everyone distracts her from it

Complete/Not fully scanlated: Welcome to room #305! Manhwa, it has some interesting themes on being homophobic and homophobia. I should note that this is based in Korea a couple years back, so homophobic tendencies and justifications will be scaled a little upwards comparatively. Wouldn't recommend if you can't stand homophobia at all, since there is a lot in this manga, but there's nothing violent really.
Complete/Not fully scanlated: Story of Someone We Know Manhwa, a couple of romance stories that change between three women. It's a nice, light manhwa with simple art and a simple story.
Incomplete 14-Sai No Koi Adorable 14 year olds
Incomplete Arakawa Under the Bridge I have no idea where this is heading anymore but it's incredibly funny, I'd definitely recommend this one to anyone.
Complete/Not fully scanlated [m]Kousetsu no Hanappashira[/m] I find myself rooting for the main character often in this one. It's mostly a light comedy with very little actual drama. It's only been recently begun getting scanlated though.
Incomplete Bokura no Kiseki It's really interesting and draws me in with mystery. I just want to know what happens next. I'm not saying you can't predict it, but it's the kind where you want to know for sure. That said, uh, please don't harrass the scanlating team on this one (or any of them, for that matter), I went to their website recently and it turns out people who read this are very persistent. This is a bi-monthly manga that gets released slowly even in Japan.

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10:24 pm, Nov 12 2013
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Well people might read them but my favs which I´ve never seen much "fuss" about it are:
The Breaker
Black Haze

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Come and Go

6:47 am, May 30 2014
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Kishin Douji Zenki

Tekken Chinmi Although the sequel and the sequel for the sequel is making its way a little bit.

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1:28 pm, Dec 25 2014
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well, most of manga I read are shojo, so my list contains most shojo.
nobunaga no chef, the greatest historical culinary manga for me
Shanaou Yoshitsune, glad the manga got scanlation again, I highly recommended it for those who love war strategic historical shounen.
Ookami Heika no Hanayome, shoujo. a bit cliche but I love the couple and hilarious story here...
Kurenai Ouji
Donten ni Warau, this manga about three brother, shoujo with shounen taste, and it made me cry a lot at some point
Kara no Shounen, the third story of this one shot compilation, is one of unforgettable one shot for me, aside hotarubi no mori e
My Hero!, it's hilarious! short shojo series but very refreshing!
Lovely Everywhere it's manhua, but have a nice plot and art
Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko, try to read this beautiful work

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6:42 pm, Dec 25 2014
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Cherry Boy, That Girl
Soshite, Hare ni Naru

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4:47 pm, Dec 28 2014
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Wow much thanks to opening this thread! I would so like more people read these amazing mangas below that are soooooo underrated even though they're amazing!

Doubutsu no Kuni. I don't know why something that is better than all shonen mangas out there can be THIS underrated. It's by Raiku Makoto, Konjiki no Gash!!'s author.
Kongou Banchou, epitome of shounen manga.
Rave is definitely better than Fairy Tail.
Suna no Shiro, best shoujo when it comes to pure romance.
Kaze no Sylphid, definitely the most underrated and unheard of manga in my list. It's a great horse racing sports manga.
Bambino! is great. Why is it not more well known than other cooking series?
Kurosagi definitely fits here.
YES Donten ni Warau DEFINITELY. I'm a new fan of Karakara Kemuri. Reversal is good, too!
Super Dreadnought Girl 4946, you won't be disappointed.

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Quote from fizfiz91
Bio meat for me was one of the few mangas i started reading like for no reason and when i finished it in one breath i was like omg this manga is awesome. I had low expectations but the manga surprised me.

Can't describe it any better, I personally didn't sleep to finish it and head off for my examination after that. Read it 4 times already.

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Yes I'm a sucker for survival mangas.

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