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Series Status Rating Comment
v.1 c.86Hm... It was definitely a different take on incest! I give it 6, because of it being so different, because other than that, it's pretty a average yaoi with the uke being a complete wuss and seme burniiiiing with oh so much desire. Actually, the characters seem pretty awkward. Nonetheless, it was pretty entertaining, if stupid.
1/2 Oujiv.11 c.566.8What I enjoyed about this manhua was probably the theme; online rpg. It's something most of my generation can relate to (or in other forms, such as online chat worlds etc.). It was always kinda exciting trying to guess who people were in reality.

But this taste for online worlds biases me quite a bit. And I must say, 1/2 Prince is nowhere near perfect. It's also way too boring that all the teammates oh-so-surprisingly stay in the same rather small area in reality. I also find the later turns o...... 
3-gatsu no Lionv.3 c.229.5This is... really good. The story does have a slow start, but after six or seven chapters, it starts rolling. I read it up to volume three in one go, completely immersed in Kiriyama Rei's world. Rei is often caught in his own pool misery (which is justifiable, since he's been through some tough times), but he slowly learns that he isn't the only one feeling lonely, confused and unsure of himself. This story is slowly dealing with the wounds of his past, and it is beautifully executed.

I reall...... 
Ao Haru Ridev.4 c.12------
Brother (MIURA Noriko)v.1 c.15The comment made by wintermelon doesn't make sense to me.

I stumbled upon this manga by accident ... And the art is a bit wacky, but the first story was actually quite nice. A story about the hidden - and rather bold - relationship between siblings.
Dengeki Daisyv.5 c.249---
Dokonimo Nai Kuniv.1 c.1------
Fivev.5 c.2010---
Hannune Banhada! Season 2v.5 c.1010---
Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshiv.1 c.1------
I Am a Herov.8 c.939.5---
Inu to no Hibiv.1 c.3------
Kamisama no Iutoori (FUJIMURA Akeji)v.2 c.138Ah, surprisingly I actually found this quite entertaining. The combination of innocent children's games and gore is good. It's also a bit unpredictable, though I from the start had the feeling that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Takahata Shun and Amaya Takeru
will survive for a while. Looking forward to seeing what will happen next!
Koi dano Ai danov.3 c.109---
Korosareru nara, Isso Sakura no Ki no Shita dev.1 c.3------
Momoiro Heaven!v.3 c.126(This is a review from reading up till v03c12)
This manga isn't a masterpiece, but it isn't bad either. It is full of very common shoujo+smut cliches, but it does stand out from the crowd nonetheless. The main guy thinks with his lower half and he's more or less a complete narcissistic jerk - that isn't so uncommon in shoujo smut mangas. What is surprising is the mangaka's bluntness about this. She doesn't try to cover it up or sweeten it in any way. The guy just screws around. Actually it's t...... 
Nanav.16 c.5810---
One Piecev.63 c.6309.5---
Seito Shokun!v.1 c.4------
Shinobi Lifev.9 c.419---
Sukitte Ii na yov.4 c.136.5This shoujo story seems promising, as ELKEARF says.
The art is special, and in my opinion very pretty (I love the hairstyles!) and the story is sweet and well-paced. I dunno why particularly, but this story is like a breath of fresh air, it isn't like your typical shoujo romance (in a good way).

Looking forward to more chapters. Thx for scanlating this project.
Tadashii Renai no Susumev.1 c.510---
Taiyou no Iev.4 c.135.5Pretty simple and not what I'd call especially memorable. The characters are either very flat or stereotypical and the plot tries to be complicated, but fails a bit. I kind of get tired of how Mao's parents are made to be like...the source of all evil. They're human too. It would've been kind of nice to get to know their reasons.

In short, it's a cute, quick shoujo fix, but I find the family issues too simplified and one-sided.
Tenjou no Shitav.1 c.1------
The Onev.10 c.648---
Tomodachi no Hanashiv.1 c.39.1I've only read the first chapter of this series, but I'm already deeply in love with it! It's so incredibly CUTE! The art is slightly original (with a lot of bonus colored pages biggrin ), but it's the story that makes it so very nice. It's about the strong friendship between two girls, and how they put each other before anything else. It's a very simple plot, but that's what makes it so lovely.

Fluffy, warm and enjoyable. The scanlation group has done a great job too....... 
Toukyou ESPv.2 c.59.3---
Toumeiningen no Shissouv.1 c.18---
Watashi ga Itemo Inakutemov.1 c.110---
Watashi no Megane-kunv.2 c.810---
Yajirobeev.1 c.4------
Yami no Kodouv.4 c.12------
Yayav.2 c.79.2---
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suruv.12 c.6410This is by far one of the most horrible manga stories I've read, but also one of the best.

I was completely dragged in by the story. It's cruel, vomit-inducing and depressing, but it's so beautifully executed. This is a believable (though extreme) tale of sexual abuse and the darkest parts of society. Truly disheartening. It's so sad to see Jeremy slowly fall into despair and insanity. How his personality changes.

This manga is heavy. It's an emotional roller coaster that swings between comple...... 
Zi Bu Yuv.1 c.2------
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