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A manga with artistic vision

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From User Message Body
Post #690583

11:33 am, Apr 21 2017
Posts: 5

Hello hello,

I've had some trouble looking for mangas with artistic "parti pris".

Some do have great visual but remain realistic ( vagabond or berserk ),but most of them just seem to rip their art styles from others mangaka, wich I found kind of annoying.
On the other hand, artist like Taiyô Matsumoto managed to do some unusual work and his "Takemitsu Zamurai" is just a masterpiece ( if u got some of this kind please share eyes ).

Anyway I'm really sorry for being so picky, but I've got nothing to read recently so I though about asking you guys what to try.
(Here's some example of what I really enjoyed)

- "Takemitsu zamurai" ( and other Taiyô Matsumoto work )
- "Berserk" ( like everyone else biggrin )
- "Vagabond" ( looks sweet, feels aesome ! )
- "I am hero"( luv this "shawn of the dead" feel biggrin )
- "Doro hedoro" ( a bit weak at first, the author really found his artstyle after a few chapters )
- "Akira" ( duh )
- Osamu Tezuka's "Phoenix", I love dat guy, such power in his narration with so little in his drawings
- "Parasyte" yay gross things with clear line = fun, + points for old style manga biggrin
- Katsuya Terada's work, "Monkey King"
- "My hero academia" ( I know its sounds a bit weird, but unlike "one punch man",wich is fun and all but the art style ir rather classic ) the author of this manga got style ! I read some of his other work and it's just gorgeous smile , the best example of recent shonen )
- Naoki Urasawa's work, all of it, man dat guy got's some wicked plots.

Anyway I'm not gonna list em all but that's the kinda manga I like, if you got some ideas of what id enjoy and if it's got a real art style of it's own that would be awesome !
( Ho last piece of info : I'm usually more a reader of occidental comics, "Bande déssinée" and stuff of the kind , if u need some pointers no problem smile .

Thanks in advance smile

Post #690607
user avatar
Lone Wanderer

3:43 am, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 1864

Since your "likes" list only has seinen, I'll be rec'cing just those:

Urushibara Yuki's style isn't unique per se, but I don't think I've seen any other mangaka draw like that. Her art is like watercolour paintings. I recommend Mushishi and Suiiki in particular. If you watch anime you really should try the Mushishi anime -- it's beautiful.

Kuroda Iou has an unsual style of both story and art. Particularly Dainippon Tengutou Ekotoba, but also Sexy Voice and Robo and Nasu.

Katou Shinkichi -- Odd stories, even odder art.

Takahashi Tsutomu -- On the "gritty and realistic" end of things, in both art and plot. Jiraishin and the Skyhigh series are especially good.

Hisa Masato's works have some quirky-interesting plots and an art style to match.

Takahashi Yousuke does what I like to describe as "weird horror," and has a one-of-a-kind style.

Kaneko Atsushi is another one in the "weird plot and art" category, but the art is kind of ugly. While it's well-drawn, the characters are (probably intentionally) very unattractive.

Murai -- Quirky drawings, plot, characters.

Boichi has a good style, too. It's more mainstream than my others recs, but gets a lot of favourable comments. But note that he doesn't always write the stories he illustrates.

Furuya Usamaru -- Bizarreness predominates in most of his series (even the ones which deal with serious topics in a mature fashion), and his art complements it.

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User Posted Image
Post #690616

11:44 am, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 5

Wow thanks for all the propositions ! eek
I thought I could only get one or two answers but that's a lot of manga to go through biggrin

I've tried the Mushishi serie a few times already but never could get into the story, a bit too slow for me, and although the art is great I just get bored ( I had the same problem with the serie Mononoke ). I guess I'll give it another shot smile

Hisa Masato's art looks awesome ! I love this comics/manga mix ( "afro samurai " like ) , remind me of "Dead Leaves", gotta try that !

I think Kaneko Atsushi's work looks pretty great ! Remind me of some underground US comic, and don't worry I actually prefer when the character are flawd physically, when all the character looks prefect it just annoy me, I can't get involved with people that look as real as korean pop stars biggrin that's why I can't read Gantz biggrin

Ho "boichi" is by the same guy that did "Sun Ken rock" ! That's awesome ! I really liked the art but the plot and characters where really lacking in his other manga, maybe this one'll be better bigrazz

Okay I think I'll read my way through those and then the others you proposed (Shinkichi art and "skyhigh" look fun, Kuroda Lou manga seem hard to find though )

If you got some other propositions don't hesitate, and don't worry I'm open to shonen as well smile I've mentionned "My hero academia" but I could have done so with most of the classics : dr.slump,dragon ball, one piece... Bring it on ! smile wink grin

Anyway thanks again for all the advices and have an especially good day biggrin

Post #690617
user avatar

12:38 pm, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 27

Have you tried SAKAMOTO Shinichi's, KAITANI Shinobu's and YUKIMURA Makoto's mangas ?

Post #690619

1:21 pm, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 5

Hello nausicaa thanks for answering smile

I know of sakamoto and yukimura's work,not so much of kaitani but to be honnest I don't feel really drawn to any of their art's :T.

I've read Vinland saga but it was more of a subtitute for Berserk while waiting for the new chapters ( waaaaaaaaay too much time between each release ) biggrin

I've tried "ascencion" and "innocent" but I guess it's just not for me no ( Although seing the french revolutionary period through the japanese filter is hilarious laugh I mean these wigs are way too much funky X) .

I'm not against a regular "good old" manga but I'd rather look for manga with personnality in their art, graphic gambles if you prefer( I don't know how to say it otherwise biggrin ) I know I'm really picky here but if I could find more mangas of this kind that would be so cool biggrin

That can be anything seinen, shonen I don't mind smile

Post #690621

2:21 pm, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 109

Your request seems a bit vague to me but I'll try anyway smile : Gunjo has an interesting art style IMO but it has a bit of yuri in it.

Post #690623

3:58 pm, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 5

Hello Breizh and thanks for the suggestion smile

Yhea it's not very clear for myself either X)
Unfortunately like everything art related it is almost entirely subjective bigrazz
Let's just say that I'm looking for manga made by artists , not necessarily mangakas.

An artist develop his own graphic code and thus his own (graphic) universe, whereas most mangakas work with codes that are already made in order to fill commands .
My theory is that art school in japan encourage productivity more than artistic individuality, that's why when mangaka begin their artsyle are most likely to ressemble other ( successful )artist.
It's a shame in term of creativity but that's why their production rate is way above occidental comics ( although recently some comics try to get the same production speed : check "Lastman" it's awesome and a serie is already out biggrin ).

Anyway I think you can sum up all that in one sentence : Can you recognize that manga/artist with just one of his panel ? If yes that's what I'm interested in biggrin

Post #690640
user avatar

9:47 pm, Apr 22 2017
Posts: 48

Have you tried MIZUKAMI Satoshi? Pretty much all his works are great.
- Hoshi no Samidare
- Mizukami Satoshi Tanpenshuu (short story anthologies)
- Sengoku Youko
- Spirit Circle

Take a look at the mangas in Ura Sunday. There are some great works in this magazine:
Ura Sunday
I recommend:
- Helck (nice art; don't get duped at the start, it reaches Berserk levels of tragedy)
- It's My Life (superb art; funny)
- Kengan Ashura (if you like fighting manga; it's like Baki but with better art)
- Sekai Oni (features some serious emotional stuff, goes into the surreal later)

If you like good art you definitely need to read AMANO Kozue. Not much plot, though.
- Aria
- Amanchu!

For good art and good story, there's also Golden Kamui by NODA Satoru.

As a truly aesthetic manga I'd say Houseki no Kuni is good. I'd call it avant garde, but YMMV.

Have you tried the works of NIHEI Tsutomu? Not everyone's cup of tea, but I like most of them, especially Blame!.

What else? Hmmm.
Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) got a manga adaptation recently (Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World (SHIOMIYA Iruka)), Made in Abyss has good art and an interesting plot, Mahou Tsukai no Yome of course, and I will always recommend The Voynich Hotel.

I can't think of more than these. Hope it helps.

Post #690645
user avatar

12:57 am, Apr 23 2017
Posts: 319

I don't see Koike Keiichi, Igarashi Daisuke or Yokoyama Yuuichi in this thread yet, so let's fix that.

Post #690646
user avatar
Freedom is life

12:57 am, Apr 23 2017
Posts: 93

Have you tried Yamamoto Hideo's work? This is the only thing that comes to my head right now.

Post #690657

9:39 am, Apr 23 2017
Posts: 5

Yay some more proposition ! biggrin

Thanks again, and I got say Yokoyama Yuuichi's work looooks sweeet ! It' so nice to see a bot more of abstraction in a manga biggrin Gotta try the shit out of it biggrin
Let's keep the list going ! I'll have content to read for the next thousands years X)

Post #690663
user avatar

4:33 pm, Apr 23 2017
Posts: 27

FURUYA Usamaru's mangas are a must. You should also check out KITOH Mohiro's.
TAKAHASHI Tsutomu's art is great (je ne sais pas si tu es français mais vu ton nom je me suis dit que c'était sûrement le cas. Bref tout ça pour dire qu'il dessine ses double-pages au fusain, notamment dans Bakuon Rettou et je ne sais pas comment on appelle ça en anglais xD)

Some must-read which (I think !) weren't mentioned yet :
Shin Angyo Onshi
Sakamichi no Apollon
Natsume Yuujinchou
Lone Wolf and cub
Chang Ge Xing
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Oyasumi Punpun
Mugen no Juunin
Cross Game and well anything from ADACHI Mitsuru
Piano no Mori
Pet Shop of Horrors
Eden - It's an endless world!
Ashita no Joe
Feng Shen Ji
Dragon Head
Claymore and Angel Densetsu
Kyou kara ore wa!!
Hajime no Ippo
And finally (because it needs to end) any JoJo you can find...
(Yeah I know there's still soooooooo more but it's already pretty long no ? xD)

You can also check out this thread

Last edited by nausicaa70 at 5:10 pm, Apr 23

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