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ridiculously heartwarming romance

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8:27 pm, Aug 30 2016
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I know there are probably as many of these particular romance lists as, I don't know a good comparison....
But I just stumbled upon so so many incomplete tragic or just plainly frustrating romance manga in a row and now I am urging for something to heal my heart.
I mean like those so endearing, heartwarming and heart throbbing stories that are get deep under the skin.

I love being able to actually comprehend and understand the emotions, feel with the characters... maybe I should ask for it to be realistic enough to be believable, so pls no ridiculous story plots, they can be fluffy but hard to accept.
An example for the intensity of emotional input could be the development in the first part of "raising a bat"(korean webtoon) But if there are such heavy messed up or depressing situations involved, pls only if there'S a relieving happy ending that's worth reading through the shitty times and to be honest it would be good, if the really bad parts wouldn't take up too much of the story.

Preferrably school-life or other normal life settings, bc the potential for a realistic setting is higher, but if good I don't mind fantasy or supernatural elements at all, either.

I don't care whether it's shoujo, Josei, Yaoi/Shounen-ai or Yuri/shoujo-ai, Just that it's about development of a wonderful relationship. So no it'S-all-about-the-hawt-porn-scenes either. If sex or indication of sex involved, then it should fit the story as an appropriate portrayal of the relationship not fanservice.

I don't know if this is too vague or demanding, I'm just in a rush to find something good to soothe my heart and I'd be suuuper thankful for your recommendations!

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9:39 pm, Aug 30 2016
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do you mind seinen? most shoujo things are kinda nauseous most of the time >>
MIzutani Fuka is a nice author:
Game Over (MIZUTANI Fuka)
14-sai no Koi

Taiyou no Ie is also adorable

if seinen is okay I'd start with Bonnouji

in need of romance?
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Mr. Nerd

10:35 pm, Aug 30 2016
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How about these:
Futari no Renai Shoka I don't think this is a long-shot regarding your criterias and its rather sweet.
Horimiya Still and on-going manga. It's rather odd but it's refreshing to see both leads strong.
"Kawaii Joushi o Komasaretai". On-going. Quite sweet, office-setting.
Tamen De Gushi Quite slow delevopment, on-going but happy feels as of yet. Multiple MC's.
Skill of Lure I'm adding this mainly because it has a happy ending. MC is super-shy and it gets annoying at times but, maybe this works for you.
Hitorimi Haduki-san to. This could be one of my all-time favorite short-stories. Very sweet and cute.

I say "rather sweet" and "quite sweet" but these are only my own personal preference. I hope any of these will provide you any joy as they have for me. Enjoy!

Idk how many different mangas, manhuas or manhwas that I've read but it's more than 3000. More to come!
(Number of H-mangas and one-shots: unknown and not included)

Over 180 anime shows watched and there's a vast sea of shows to go.

J/K-drama's 50+ shows watched.
It's Mr to you!
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11:15 pm, Aug 30 2016
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What I read is usually in the josei or shoujo demographics, so this will skew towards that. I don't think any of these have super happy endings--for me, it is difficult for something to be truly heartwarming without a little sadness. For it to feel like characters have gained something, something must also be lost. These all have realistic interactions, at least for me.

The Stories of Those Around Me - A josei with multiple romances. The art is a bit quirky, but the interactions and romances are quite realistic. I think the art is supposed to be kind of a contrast. It's really cute, but not all of the romances are 100% happy.

Golden Days - A shoujo shounen ai that's one of my favorite manga romances of all time. It also has multiple romances. It is tragic (I must warn) but a kind of thematically complete tragic. What I suppose I mean is that the ending doesn't come out of nowhere. The romance is rather subtle, so you have to read very carefully, and a lot of it is just in body language.

If you want one with a cute romance that has a 100% happy ending, perhaps Emma might be what you are looking for, if you haven't read that one yet. It's a seinen, but I don't think it's exceptionally realistic. It does have a tendency towards drama at times...

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1:16 am, Aug 31 2016
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Orange: Read al through it. It does deal with a veeeery heavy issue, but it's worth it.

Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei: This one much more than expected. I thought at first it was a gag manga with fanservice, but there was no fanservice. The characters are so heartwarming, and I smiled a lot at the conclusions.

Takane to Hana: its ongoing (sadly, and the updates are slowwww), but I say you shouldn't pass a chance to read it. It's fluffy, but it's also very sweet.

Nakanmon!: This one was so sweet! And so heartwarming, and a bit sad. It's an undiscovered gem.
(involves a love triangle, and an unrequited love, but I just couldn't let this post pass without trying to take the chance and spread knowledge about this manga)

Sadly this is all I can recommend.
If you don't mind BL, I highly recommend you check those out as well:

Blue sky Complex: It's a very sweet manga and the interaction and the development of the relationship felt so natural. (in fact, read all of her work. She's really good at drawing and making realistic characters)

This one: and then read all the side stories and sequels and stuff. I liked the sequel more.

Seven Days: This one is fluffyyyy and natura.

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1:48 am, Aug 31 2016
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Hibi Chouchou so sugary sweet, you'll get type 2 diabetes

this is considered last generation. It's considered classic and it used to be really popular. I still love it Kare Kano


This one I just read is ongoing. It takes a few chapters to get the ball rolling but it'll get to the stupid happy couple stuff. Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

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3:07 am, Aug 31 2016
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I second Orange-- it deals with a tragedy but there's a lot of warmth and sweetness too and I think it carries a strong message of hope and love.

Ore Monogatari!! Ongoing. if you haven't read/watched it yet. Can definitely be described as ridiculously heartwarming. It's just so sweet and pure and funny. The art is lovely and expressive. And it features one of the best bromances ever.

Principal Ongoing, almost completely scanlated. At first glance, it might seem like your typical shoujo fare but I think it's a really special series. Ikuemi Ryou is just fantastic at the execution. There's a breeziness and an ease to the way she tells stories. It deals with issues like bullying, divorce, and self-esteem but balances it with humour and sweetness.

Tomodachi no Hanashi Complete. A short, sweet work that stays true to its premise. It's drawn by Yamakawa Aji and her slightly whimsical linework is a great fit for the story. Also recommended is Stand Up! (YAMAKAWA Aiji).

Tetsugaku Letra Complete. It's more coming-of-age than romance, but I do love it dearly. It can be rather gloomy and it takes its time but I felt that it was all the more rewarding in the end. I also recommend the mangaka's other work (my favourite is My Girl, if you don't mind that the focus isn't romance).

Kami-sama ga Uso o Tsuku Complete. It's a short, elegantly told story. Beautiful and quite sad. There's a lovely dreamlike quality to it. The ending is.. well, it's realistic but hopeful.

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Lone Wanderer

12:53 pm, Sep 1 2016
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Seconding Tamen De Gushi and Golden Days. Still, GD ends happily for the straight couple and in (somehow very beautiful) tragedy for the BL one, so be warned.

Sakamichi no Apollon -- I haven't got around to reading it yet, but the comments are very favourable. Ditto for Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but it's ongoing.

Hanamatsuri is very subtle: to the point where it's difficult to even consider it shounen-ai. Still, a lovely slice-of-life story with BL undertones.

Oka no Ue no Rakuen (BL) and Girl Friends (GL) are adorable and somewhat believable, but rather too sweet to be wholly realistic; especially the former.

Pieta -- Quiet and lovely. My favourite GL manga to date.

The Mainichi Seiten! series (all sequels included) is quite heartwarming and fairly realistic if you take each couple individually, but not if you consider the fact that they're all related to each other in some way (it's not incest, though, so no worries).

Btw, I don't agree with the recommendation of Blue Sky Complex. It's very good for a yaoi manga, but if you assess it from the perspective of the better written heterosexual love stories, it still falls short on the romance front. On that note, I think Hana wa Saku ka does slow romance much better; it's the only yaoi I've read which comes close to masterpieces in the romance genre in terms of characterisation and relationship development. Just my personal opinion, of course.

How about Gakuen Babysitters? The focus isn't really on the romance, though, as it's more of a backdrop to the characters' daily lives. Nemuranai Machi kara is somewhat similar in that respect, though the two stories are thematically different.

Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! is basically a shoujo romance where the girl has been made into a guy. It's slow-developing and pretty well done (especially for BL) but it's definitely not realistic as such.

Maria-sama ga Miteru is like the GL equivalent of Komatta. I recommend the original novel (which gets regular translations) or the anime (which has 4 seasons fully subbed) instead of the derivative manga.

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5:35 pm, Sep 1 2016
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Futari no Renai Shoka - only 14 chapters short & sweet

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7:33 am, Sep 3 2016
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Thirding Their Story and Golden Days (though GD is tragic, it's also excellent), and seconding Story of Someone We Know and Mainichi Seiten!

Can't believe no one has rec'd Asagao to Kase-san. yet. Probably one of the most tooth-achingly sweet GL romances I've ever read.

Also, if you don't mind the characters already being together, Collectors is a great yuri 4koma about two women's domestic life together. It's probably my favorite GL manga.

Aishiteru is also one of those where the characters are already together in the beginning. Super fluffy, short and sweet BL manga. Fujitani Youko, in general, writes really sweet things. Her Rutta to Kodama is pretty good too, if you're looking for longer romances.

Koisuru Barairo Tenchou is another one of those that is so sweet it'll give you a toothache. A BL about the romance between a highly competent (though socially inept) flower shop manager and a single father who frequents his shop.

And, if you're looking for realistic BL romances, look no further than Yamashita Tomoko! I especially love her Dining Bar Akira. Super excellent series about two adults getting into a relationship.

Oh, and of course What Did You Eat Yesterday? is Yoshinaga Fumi at her best. Very realistic and natural relationships. Also cooking!

I also have a super huge soft spot for Kunieda Saika, especially her Mirai no Kioku series. Great comedy series about two very different people forging a long-lasting relationship with each other.

Slightly fantastical, but no less down-to-earth for it, Kamichu! is about a girl who suddenly wakes up to find that she's become a god overnight. And somehow she still has trouble confessing to the boy she likes.

Horimiya is the archetypal slice-of-life romance. With more emphasis on the "slice-of-life" than the "romance." Completely drama-free. Mainly just high school shenanigans between friends (and family).

Haru x Kiyo is a sweet shoujo romance between two very different people. Very standard shoujo romance fare, but Ozaki Akira (尾崎あきら) somehow always manages to pull it off.

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3:09 pm, Sep 5 2016
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Possibly Maison Ikkoku. The main character Godai falls in love with his apartment manager only to learn she is a widow. A big part of his character growth is coming to terms with the fact that she will never be fully over her first love.

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10:07 pm, Sep 8 2016
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Hatsukiai, and if you like that one, all the works by the same mangaka
Ojojojo 4 coma, but with real character growth and romance
Katakoi Triangle well, it is the same author with Last Game
Kanojo wa Mada Koi o Shiranai one shot shoujo from male perspective
Kakumei no Hi gender bender, male to female
NG life the same author with Akatsuki no Yona
Taiyou no Ie You should already know this title
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii comedic but realistic romance between otaku
Aoyama Tsukiko desu! only one chapter openly available, but you can think it as one-shot complete
Yagate Kimi ni Naru the best shoujo ai ongoing
Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi. it's shounen action actually, but comparing it with others of the ongoing same genre, it has the best romance story, you might like it for surprise
A Love Smeared In Ashes , shoujo ai oneshot, and if you like it, the sequel. Like it again, all the works by the same mangaka, all just oneshots

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10:24 pm, Sep 11 2016
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The ones i'm going to recommend are not just heartwarming romances and i don't know how does it defer to you but i think they would be pretty accurate.I'm gonna try ma BEST! eyes

I find Ichinose Ruka's mangas pretty heartwarming, I don't know if you will find them interesting or heartwarming as much as you want but you should give them a shot.
Kimi ni Happiness
Hajimari No Natsu

Takano Ichigo's Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) was also impressive and heartwarming yet it had sad momments.

Horimiya both heartwarming and realistic.You don't encounter with clichés while reading it.

WATANABE Kana's mangas are so sweet and cute.Drawing makes it pretty heartwarming.
Hana to Rakurai
Shinyu no Mikami-kun
Mashikaku Rock (I still haven't read it but as i said i trust Kana-sensei shy )

Akuma to Candy i think i can count this heartwarming as well.

Yamakawa Aiji's works are also heartwarming and have pretty good concepts, It doesn't only revolve around the lovers but their relationships with others etc. They have the taste of realism eyes You should def check:
Stand Up! (YAMAKAWA Aiji)
Tomodachi no Hanashi

YAMAMORI Mika i can't find the exact words to describe her amazing works. Her mangas are a must-read and believe me she beat the hell out of the ordinary shoujos. cool cool
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Meguro Amu is also a succesful heartwarmer bigrazz Sometimes, her works remind me of Watanabe Kanas'.
Tig-Hug Planet
Granulated Sugar
Honey (MEGURO Amu)
Mako to Aki-chan no Koigokoro

TOKEINO Hari's beautiful work Gakuen Babysitters is tghe one you shouldn't miss.
Love Log (oneshot of Hari)

Nukoduke! it has cat like creatures in it!!!! What else it has to have to be heratwarming!?

Mizuno Minami's Nijiiro Days (MIZUNO Minami) and Seishun Trickers are pretty good.

Mikimoto Rin has a truly unique style and stories.Maybe they start like some cliché shoujo but the pace of their story shows that they are nowhere near to clichés.
Kyou no Kira-kun
Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo

Nakahara Aya's Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai is pretty good and funny. It doesn't overflow with heartwarming but it def has so many heartwarming moments.

KUMAOKA Fuyu and her Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi

Love so Life is a marvelous,heartwarming manga.

Shimura Takako's Koiiji is pretty charming. You can emphatize with characters and the situation going on.

Nogiri Youko's Akuma wa Sasayaku is a sweet story. She is also the mangaka of Watashi no Ookami-kun. Although Ookami-kun is sweet and has heartwarming moments, it couldn't dodge some cliché bullets no

Sakisaka Io have unique, sweet and heartwarming contents.Ao Haru Ride was beatiful. You can also check Strobe Edge though i was bored while reading it, it is actually not that bad.

HOSODA Mamoru and Yuu (優)'s Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki is so amazing.It's an animation actually but reading it gives you a different experience.

I think Spotted Flower doesn't need to have heartwarming scenes beacuse the story itself is heartwarming.

I know you said heartwarming romance but i still want to recommend you AZUMA Kiyohiko's Yotsubato!.It literally puts a smile on my face.It's a great manga to read whenever you are down.So heartwarming that it will cheer you up.

Koi Koinegau This is a sweet but sad oneshot.It is shown from the perspective of the boy and it is pretty much metophorical.It is gloomy but at the same time i thought how heartwarming it was when i read it. shy

Right now, this is all i can think of.I've read so many beautiful, heartwarming mangas but i can't seem to recall. I seriously have a hard time with the definition of heartwarming laugh laugh Anyway, give a shot to all those babies above.I don't think I would disappoint you smile

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9:35 pm, Dec 23 2016
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You seriously need to read Nanoka no kare :^ laugh

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2:52 am, Jun 15 2019
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kimi ni todoke!! its such a sweet story
☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

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