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Manga that lead to a binge read of a mangaka

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8:41 am, Sep 3 2014
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I think you've stumbled across an interesting aspect of manga that really cuts through the BS. At least in the shoujo romance category, I've found that if I enjoy one title by a mangaka, I generally lap up the remaining scanlated titles with equal greed. Unless her/his style has changed drastically in the interim years since that particular title. Which is rare.

Some gems which haven't been mentioned so far...

1. MOTOMI Kyousuke
2. KONNO Risa
3. TOMA Rei
5. SHIIBA Nana

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El Psy Kongroo.

10:41 am, Sep 3 2014
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As mentioned a few times before: Urasawa Naoki's Monster

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