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manga than i NEED to read?

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10:19 am, Jul 14 2014
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hello everyone! i'm in a rut now. i have loads of manga in my reading list, but i cannot choose which one should i read. most of the great manga i had already completed, and all that's left are manga that i cannot concentrate in. if there is any manga in my reading list that you deemed too good to wait, please tell me! i dont mind if its not in my reading list, just give me anything that you think is the bomb!

completely scanlated. i want to finish it in one go.

great if but not compulsory:

okay with:
yaoi+yuri - as long as the story is cute

melodramatic shoujo - i seldom read shoujo, and if i do, i dont want any flowers or drama. old school shoujo that deals with horror or scify is good
hentai - i can find them on my own

i have broad taste (except shoujo with over chirpy or wimpy characters) so give me anything even with low rating or ero guro (i dig that). thanks!

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10:50 am, Jul 14 2014
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Majestic lists you have there!
I saw Sankarea in your wish list, why dont you choose it?

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11:21 am, Jul 14 2014
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dont look at my wish list, those are not completely scanlated yet. i try to read completely scanlated stuff, so i dont get angry in waiting lol

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12:04 pm, Jul 14 2014
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The Dark Myth
Japan Tengu Party Illustrated
Tekkon Kinkreet

If I'm not mistaken these manga are all fully scanlated and they're some of my favorites. Try to read as much as you can of Taiyo Matsumoto, he's a genius.

Also, I know what you mean when you say you prefer complete scanlations: some of the most fascinating manga don't have a (full) translation in english and that pisses me off in the worst of ways. :^)

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12:14 pm, Jul 14 2014
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Majime na Jikan
Immortal Rain
Miman Renai
Soul Eater

it's a mix of a lot of things so you won't get bored.

did I mention Bonnouji? biggrin

in need of romance?
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Allen!! fan scream

5:08 pm, Jul 14 2014
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Ones on your list
Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
Bloody Monday
Annarasumanara -especially this one

Ones not on your list
Beauty Pop
Monster Hunter Orage
Hanged Doll

And ill second Bonnouji too bigrazz

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7:27 pm, Jul 14 2014
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Not on your list and that you MUST read :
Angel Densetsu One of my favorites. Really surprised you haven't read it yet, it's recommended in a lot of threads. Art is so-so at the start but it improves, great comedy, great characters, even a bit of romance and action. No real harem, but girls tend to fall for him after a while bigrazz
BM: Nectar Sci-Fi - Survival. One of the best in the survival genre. The "biomeat" idea is really original and is even believable, and for once the plot doesn't involve zombies. And the MCs are not typical of shounen which is a big plus. What might deter you is the art, specifically for the faces, which seem a bit deformed but past that, it's a great series.

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Me too ♥

9:09 pm, Jul 14 2014
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Ones from your list that you should read soon. (Either right away, or next time you have free time. I guess your "NEED to read")
Soko ni Suwaru na
Meteor Methuselah and the prequel
Hana no Namae one of my favorites

These are from your list, that I think you should read at some point. A good read, but not a need to read.
Superior and it's sequel
Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie
Love Hina
Konjiki no Gash!!
Kurokami no Helga
Hatsukoi ni Oboreta and her other works too >.>
Fruits Basket
Atashi no Banbi
Nigeru Otoko
Bloody Monday I strongly urge you NOT to read the sequels ...

Short reads from your list. When you need a break from the long series? To read something short and good.
Snow White's Secret
Bride (Aivan)
Butakai Ouji to 100 Kai no Kiss
Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei...
Rensou Mode

Some that from your list I needed to make a comment about ....
Oishii Kankei It's "good" BUT I felt it was rushed at the end, or the ending was just sloppy. (The ending ruined it for me in other words ...)
Shinigamihime no Saikon Although it's completed. The ending is very open because the sequel (I believe, can't remember) picks up right where it left off. The sequel is still ongoing.
Aniki wa Tsunayoshi! eek you're on v.6 c.47 of a 2 volume series smile wink grin

Some of my own recommendations
Tsumitsuki Don't let the cover mislead you ...
Puzzle (MORIE Satoshi) oneshot
Kuma-san to Issho oneshot (Bear!)
Sorairo Ageha Positive female lead, refreshing from typical bad shoujo
Girls' Day Out of the Living Dead it's the sequel to Escape from High-School Girls

Reread these >.< I already started writing these down as recommendations only to find out you already have them on your complete list.
Wolf & Mary
S no Kaikoroku

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Yes yes, I know I make longwinded comments, but that's just me >.<
I should proof read my comments more, but I won't...
So keep in mind I'm filled with typos

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Seinen is RIGHT

9:28 pm, Jul 14 2014
Posts: 2050

The best 3 mangas i ever read are:
1)Berserk, 2)Monster, 3)Hi no Tori (sadly unfinished or it woul be 2).
Award-winning literature for the ages. Have fun.

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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9:34 pm, Jul 14 2014
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Shinsekai Yori
Eden - it's an endless world
All you need is kill
Blade of The Immortal

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11:09 pm, Jul 14 2014
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These are the completed ones I think are worth finishing:
Annarasumanara - definitely
Eien no With - I thought this was very touching, and the romance was pretty nice too
Dokuhime - though the ending kind of sucks
Magnolia - though the ending sucks
Ilegenes - Kokuyou no Kiseki - this one's gt plenty of twists
Infinity Game
Kimi no Knife - though I didn't like the ending
Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita - a really nice shoujo
Made in Heaven - a pretty good tragedy
NG Life - definitely
Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori - a classic shoujo, but a good one. i really like the heroine because she actually has development, she really becomes a true sovereign
Transfer Student Storm Bringer - I think this is hilarious, but if you didn't like the humour in the first chapters, you probably won't find it funny at all and in that case it's not really worth continuing
Buyuden - this was pretty readable, not a masterpiece, but a good time killer if you need one

I also noticed some ongoing manga I love and can't help but encourage you to get up to date with the latest chapters (even if it's not really what you asked for ;P)
Itsuwaribito Utsuho
Kenja no Ishi
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! - on of the cutest shounen ai imo
Liar Game - it's actually in its last arc so it's not as if you have to wait centuries for it to end.
Same with Btooom!
Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
Piano no Mori
Tower of God
Q.E.D. - Shoumei Shuuryou and might you also be interested in its cousin C.M.B.

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1:55 am, Jul 15 2014
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Two that I noticed on your lists that I would strongly recommend are Maison Ikkoku and Sakamichi no Apollon. They are both "classic" material IMO and I do think you NEED to read them.

Post #647321 - Reply to (#647250) by oneeyed
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1:56 pm, Jul 15 2014
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(edit- about angel densetsu and bio meat nectar) haha, both of them is in my completed list. both are at the top of my favorites, so if you have anything else tell me cos we look like we have similar tastes.

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