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Bored and Need a new manga or manwha to read

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3:28 am, Dec 30 2014
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I am looking for a manga with action,strong male lead or mysterious talent male lead,strong female lead, not so fast paced story plot, doesn't matter if completed or ongoing for that matter doesn't even matter if it has gore or horror but wouldn't recommend posting one because I am going to check all of them. Please give me something because all my manga and manwha is ending and I need new material. Please if you can post a manwha (basically colored page manga not made by japanese authors to my knowledge). Haven't had an amazing manwha to read. cool smile wink grin biggrin

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4:06 am, Dec 30 2014
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I don't know what you might be interested in, but these are two of my current favorites:

Red Storm: A martial arts master comes to a new world where desert warriors struggle to survive by hunting monsters. He is taken in by one of these tribes and ends up training a student. It currently has 40 of at least 128 chapters translated with weekly releases.

Blind Faith Descent: A young boy sells himself into slavery to escape those that would kill him. Through his position as a slave, he is able to win "favor" with his master and so becomes the student of a master Necromancer. Using this power he will now find a path for revenge. The story is complete in Korea at 15 Volumes, but only 26 chapters have been translated currently. The release rate varies. For awhile there was a new chapter almost daily but now there hasn't been a new one for a few weeks.

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4:25 am, Dec 30 2014
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Below are some action webcomics, which are basically korean manga in full color.

Tower of God
DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything

If you search "action" and "webcomic" you'll find a lot of good things that you may not have considered yet.

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Allen!! fan scream

4:35 am, Dec 30 2014
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you should definitely check out Black Haze its one of my favorites at the moment and its pretty amazing. also it is a korean webtoon but i dont know if that counts as a manhwa or not.

you could also try Song of the Long March this one is also one of my favorites and it has the most awesome female lead ever! the storyline is very slow paced and goes through more twist and turns than most stories out there, plus the art is beautiful!

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6:36 am, Dec 30 2014
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Recently, Magician (KIM Sarae) has recovered my dwindling faith in manhwas. To say the least, it was a LOT better than I thought. Action, mysterious, strong, talented. Well, fits everything you named.

The only other good manhwa I can recommend is Evyione. Can't bring myself to call any other manhwa good. Many are just way too overrated. Starting out interesting but turning a bit Naruto-ish isn't an uncommon story. Well, not that I have read Naruto either. Anyways, not the action you want though.

There's also Ciel... but I dropped that one a LONG time back. Forgot everything, can't say if it's good or not. Judging by shoujo genre, I don't think it'll fit anyways.

Manhwa is anything Korean. They don't have to be coloured. Stuff like Hwang Mi Ri is the most common, and in my opinion, the worst examples of manhwa.

Manhua on the other hand is Chinese. I honestly don't recommend reading these if you don't understand Chinese. It's actually the same problem I have with manhwa. The names sound weird. Totally weird. I can't read Korean but I can Chinese, so I read raws. That fixed my problem. If you don't mind though, there's a lot of good ones out there as well.

Um... manga.

9 Banme no Musashi has a lot of action and a really insanely mary sue-ish strong female lead. I'm sure that says everything for me.

Shura no Toki has strong and mysterious male leads, plus plenty action. But it's kinda episodic, so dunno about the slow pacing part.

Re:Monster had a hype a lil while back, on Batato. It's pretty good. I myself went into the novel community, and kinda neglected the manga a lil though lol. Manga's good as well, but the novel spoilers won't get out of my mind so can't give you a real impression based on manga alone. Novel is REALLY interesting.

On the same lines, Monogatari no Naka no Hito has a mysterious and "talented" male lead. Also Alphapolis manga, can't remember if it was scanlated or not. Didn't read novel on this one though, not too sure what to expect of it since there's only so few chapters out.

It would help if you list a few more requirements. The selection is pretty wide with just that.

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:23 pm, Dec 30 2014
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The Scanlation Graveyard

Josei: Hachimitsu to Clover Finished
Seinen: Berserk = Best manga
Shoujo: Mars Finished
Shounen: Rurouni Kenshin Finished

Action: Azumi + Hellsing Finished
Adult: Natsu no Zenjitsu Finished
Adventure: 7 Seeds + Hunter x Hunter
Anime Movie: Akira + Mononoke Hime
Anime TV: Cowboy Bebop + Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (FUJISAKI Ryu)
Anthology: Otoyomegatari + Steel Ball Run and Part I - VIII
Bande dessinée: Largo Winch + The Incal Finished
Biography: Kakukaku Shikajika Finished + Steve Jobs
Biopunk: Gantz Finished + Terra Formars
Civil disorder: RideBack + Versailles no Bara Finished
Classics: Ashita no Joe Finished + Hi no Tori Incomplete = God of Manga
Comedy: Dr. Slump Finished + Ore Monogatari!!
Comic: Grant Morrison´s Batman Finished = Best international author + The Walking Dead
Comic Industry: Bakuman Finished
Coming of age: Blue Giant
Cyberpunk: Ghost in the Shell ARISE
Death: Shigeshoushi Finished + Solanin Finished
Delinquent/s: Rokudenashi Blues
Drama: Kiss & Never Cry + Taiyou ga Mite Iru (Kamo Shirenai Kara)
Educational: Crimsons - Akai Koukaishatachi Finished + Hadashi no Gen Finished
ESP: Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte and the sequels + Koudaike no Hitobito
Family Drama: Bread & Butter + Futago
Fantasy: Ookami to Koushinryou + Spirit Circle Finished
Gender Bender: Kanojo ni Naru Hi + Nicoichi
Harem: Ooku + Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei Incomplete translation
Historical: Kento Ankokuden Cestvs + Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund
Horror: Dorohedoro + Kiseijuu Finished = Best ending
Light Novel: Baccano! (Novel) + Mardock Scramble (Novel) Finished
Magic: Oldman Finished + Ran to Haiiro no Sekai Finished
Manhwa: Princess + Shin Angyo Onshi Finished
Martial Arts: All Rounder Meguru + Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made
Mature: Sanctuary Finished + Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Mecha: Kidou Senshi Z Gundam Define + Shin Seiki Evangelion Finished
Medical: Iryuu - Team Medical Dragon + Jin
Mono no Aware: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Finished + Yotsubato!
Music: Beck Finished + Nodame Cantabile Finished
Mystery: Shingeki no Kyojin - Before the Fall
Ninja/s: Kamui Gaiden + Naruto Finished but act 3 is a mess
OEL: Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise and the rest
One-Shot: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Finished + Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni Finished
Public service: Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor + Megumi no Daigo
Psychological: Billy Bat = Best living mangaka + Liar Game Finished
Quirky Characters: Last Game
Romance: Bambi to Dhole Finished + Paradise Kiss Finished
Sci-fi: Gunnm and the sequels + Uchuu Kyoudai
School Life: Angel Densetsu Finished + Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Finished
Shounen Ai: Tokyo Babylon Finished + Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru Finished
Shoujo Ai: Honey & Honey Finished + Tempest (Available in Germany)
Slice of life: Sakamichi no Apollon Finished + Sensei no Kaban Finished (Available in Europe)
Smut: Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori Finished
Social Commentary: Kokou no Hito Finished + Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa and Part 2
Space Opera: Five Star Monogatari + Seikai no Monshou (YONEMURA Kouichirou)
Sports: Ballroom e Youkoso + Real
Supernatural: Mushishi Finished + Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Finished
Survival: I Am a Hero + Jisatsutou
Time Travel: Namidaame to Serenade
Tragedy: Gunslinger Girl Finished + Kisshou Tennyo Finished
Train-wreck: Black Joke + Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou Finished
Webtoon: Killer Stall Finished

Some genres are a stretch but most are the best authors or franchises Japan has to offer. Thus the double posts and no author repeats. A full translation is meant by finished. Happy reading.
Edit: I update from time to time and am open to input...

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5:54 pm, Dec 30 2014
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If you had a public reading list, it would help me to pick...well whatever
for Reference Find something CooL from mine!!

Recommendations :~

Webtoon/Manhwa :~
Tower Of God - 10/10 - Mysterious and Too Awesome to describe...Awesome Protagonist
Noblesse - 9.7/10 - Strong(almighty from the beginning, with some flaws) ever winning protagonist
Black Haze - 9.7/10 - Great, CooL + Strong + Smart male lead
God Of Highschool - 9.5/10 - not much to say.. Strong Protagonist

Manhwa :~
The Breaker > The Breaker - New Waves - 9.5/10 - Nice
Immortal Regis > Cavalier Of The Abyss - 9.5-10/10 - Love It
Id - 10/10 - Awesome Strong From The Beginning Protagonist

Manhua :~
Feng Shen Ji - 9.5/10 - strong, Smart, Proud/Cocky but not selfish, caring in his own way protagonist
City Of Darkness - 9.?/10 - No Comment

Manga :~
• My Reading List
• The Post/Reply Above Me

P.S. ~
• Okay it's not mandatory for a Manhwa to be colored, and black and white is the actual color of these...but, with the increasing popularity of Webtoon in Korea with publishers like Naver, Daum etc. A Revolution came to it and made a new Branch as Webtoon/Manhua
• All the manga recommended by me got Male as it's protagonist by default, as I only read that kind...So, No, Freezing or Claymore isn't for me to recommend
• I love Overpowered Awesome Protagonists

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6:47 pm, Jan 1 2015
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First of all you need to get familiar to search engine of MU (this website), Its done perfect.
you can get access to it by going to this address or click on genre of one series genre=Action

Second is both "residentgrigo" and "MinatoAce" recommend best of best series so the choice is yours.

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Woodland Friendo

6:46 am, Feb 2 2016
Posts: 98

Welp, it's been far over a year now since the last posts were made, so guess it's about time for me to pick things up (thanx for letting me know @residentgrigo). List I'm making's got some super niche selections on it where almost all of em are currently ongoing, and I'm gonna try to explain my reasoning for why I admire them so much. I'll throw some "honorable mentions" at the end for certain series, mainly because I don't feel like getting into writing my reasoning when I'd rather just write the review for it on the series's page. That and some of em will already have been recommended, so not really in the mood to double down on what's been thrown out so far... [shrug]

Action-Based Comedic Shenanigans
Baito Saki wa "Aku no Soshiki"?!
An incredibly goofy + much simpler version of Ratman, with the MC working as a henchman of an evil organization. While his goal's to help out his orphan siblings with his earnings, his bigger concern becomes whether or not he'll survive this completely new lifestyle he's taken on.

Yuusha ga Shinda!
After killing the world's greatest hero with a simple pitfall, the MC's given no choice but to help save the world from demons trying to wipe out humanity. Given his incredible lack of any special powers, he's left to use his dumb wits to outsmart his enemies, all while having an over-the-top love for girls' thighs. The ecchi's pretty ridiculous, but nevertheless adds to the hilarity in certain scenarios. Action's also pretty solid, and should definitely be given a chance if you're a fan of the shounen genre.

Dragons Rioting
Who would've thought the ecchi genre could potentially kill someone? Our MC apparently has a heart condition that would kill him if he gets too sexually aroused, thus having him enter an elite school of marital artists compromised of mainly men that his Father graduated from. However, our MC ends up in the worse case scenario possible: The school's changed its rules to accept female students, and is thus now nearly filled to the brim with beautiful girls! While almost every girl wants to try and defeat our MC in a brawl, his biggest fear might be death from seeing too much lewdness coming from them! The characters can be pretty serious or pretty stupid, but it fits well when it comes to reading about a zany martial arts free-for-all of intense action. If you like Street Fighter, there's a chance you might like this one.

Living Alongside Monster Girls
T-REX na Kanojo
In a world of dinosaur-people and humans living in peace, enter the daily lives of tsundere T-Rex girl and a modest university boy that like to hang out together. I'd love to see some wacky romance develop since there's definitely potential for it to flourish, but the general tone of the series might prevent it altogether. Regardless, it comes down to slapstick comedy mostly resulting in a lot of blood and pain toward the human race...

Shinkaigyo no Anko-san
Enter a world where mermaids have integrated themselves into human society. Unlike that of "traditional mermaids" that have long fish tails instead of legs, mermaids exist as the humanoid versions of various fish species, carrying over specific kinds of behavior into their personalities. The key feature to appreciate is in the same vein as Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, where each new character embodies a distinct species of fish, and tries to carry over as many interesting factoids as possible. Fun facts and all aside, the sheer oddity of it all mixed with the light-hearted, day-to-day school life of these characters breeds a comedy like no other I've seen, and the main girl who's an angler fish is absolutely adorable.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Too bad it's not quite a full-blown yuri, but seems pretty close to being just that. As a young and immature dragon, Tooru carries a very high respect and love for our MC (Kobayashi), who just wants to live a pretty simple life. The existence of this dragon girl seems to attract other dragons to the human world though, thus leading to stranger and stranger characters showing up around our MC. The art style is surely simplistic, yet it goes hand-in-hand toward complimenting the character designs and either silly or outlandish interactions between our cast of characters presented. Once again, it's overall another adorable read to pick up.

Sensei's Loved by All the Ladies
Omaera Zenin Mendokusai!
It's not a very laugh-out-loud comedy, nor a very deep romance to get invested in. The premise simply involves the main female students (four of em so far) each holding feelings for their teacher, which more or less tends to be a strong admiration they've developed due to their varying social issues in and out of class. The lack of ecchi I'm quite fine with and was a good decision to not include in the first place, as it would've taken away from the overall charm of this series toward interactions + personalities between the very small cast of characters presented.

Ajin-chan wa Kataritai
Unlike the previously recommended series that showcase monster girls being half-animal half-human, this series shares monster-based character backgrounds to that of Rosario to Vampire, with the humanoid monsters having monster-based abilities, but still remaining mostly human in their overall appearance. You won't be finding any insane powers here though; just about each monster girl finds their defining ability/attribute to be a hindrance upon their social life, which makes the MC the perfect individual that can sympathize with these characters. While he only wants to learn more about them due to his fascination with these "demi," he unknowingly has each of them developing feelings toward him. Whereas the previous recommendation was limited to the students, at least one of them's a fellow teacher in this story, and I gotta say, the chapter she was introduced in had me laughing hysterically at how things are going to develop.

A Love That Was Never Meant to Be
Renai Boukun
Don't be fooled, for this story aint no light-hearted comedy you'd normally expect! For what could've been the absolute shittiest idea to bring to fruition, Renai Boukun was born to be a wacky, romcom-based parody of Death Note, where the iconic "journal of death" is instead thought up as the awe-inspiring "journal of love." I fail to find many series that take this kind of approach, yet still bother to carry along some semblance of what could be recognized as the "story" we're reading. It's overly goofy, and where it can sometimes throw in some serious drama to change things up, it never stops to throw hilarious antics at our MC, who must continue to endure them forever as an immortal being (see for yourself what I mean). Oh yeah, and the second female lead's definitely up there for being one of the best yandere characters. Not the best of the best out there, but just complete adorableness emitting from a supposedly pure maiden's heart that's accompanied by all that horrifyingly murderous intent.

Hare Kon.
I wrote a review already on its page, so I won't get too much into the details here. I'm not really a fan of dramas, but I am quite curious to see how our female MC will have to deal with her new life as a member to an actual harem marriage, rather than being the MC with their own harem. Surely you can remark that it's a cruel and unpleasant series to bother following along, and I can't completely deny it. However, that only goes to show that it's not quite your average "feel-good" manga to pick up, so I wouldn't blame ya for disliking it. The art I feel deserves some more compliments since I kinda skimmed over it in my short review, so I'll point out that the style's quite fitting as to use a somewhat realistic approach. That, and it does a stellar job to match every atmospheric mood being portrayed, be it comedic, serious, enchanting, reminiscent, sexy, sorrowful, etc. I figure I'm overpraising it, but I do genuinely think it's so far all gone in a good direction, instead of only portraying what could've been limited to wank-fodder from the very start.

Violence and Death in Abundance
Darwin's Game
Say what you will that it's not representative toward the concept of darwinism (@MeisterKleister; dw though I'm just teasin' ya), but this series packs some intense action-packed thrills and gruesomely-gory chills, all to keep things thoroughly both invigorating and entertaining. I'm so happy to be treated to an MC who doesn't rely on the power of friendship to save the day, yet instead proves that he possess both the wits and willpower to make it out of this death-match alive, thus inspiring those around him that wish to support his goal. While he's given a supposedly overpowered special ability, it's up to his intuition to fully understand and utilize its nearly infinite capabilities, as everybody seems to regard this power as an absolute mystery. My only complaint is that I'd love to see the romance develop for the MC; regardless, his development as a character is truly something to appreciate.

Holy Shit, an overpowered MC that's not only a sadistic murderer employed by the police to investigate and eliminate serial killers, but also happens to be a lesbian that's a complete womanizer?! I'm on board!!!
Admittedly, I find myself a bit embarrassed to bother bringing up this series to begin with, given all the absurd attributes thrown together that've created this bizarre clusterfuck of a "story." So sure, it's not the kind of thing I'm necessarily "proud" to recommend, but do remember, it is an extremely niche manga; perhaps you could equate it to all sorts of nonsensical B-films if you're still struggling to grasp why I even bother loving this. Otherwise, I gotta give credit to the art appearing as that of very top-notch quality with the action, gore and "symbolic-death" scenes, as well as the uncanny transitions between light-hearted humor and dark comedy.

A Suprisingly Romantic 4-koma(?!)
4-koma's I've come to associate with just being purely comedy compressed into the restraints of only 4 panels, with the last panel usually ending up as the punchline for the whole gag being setup. Sometimes it works, other times not so much, and that's really all there is to offer with most of these series as a whole. I've been dumbfounded to find this title surprise me with its ever-so-sweet romance it manages to build up over time between these two socially ostracized teenagers. Although there probably won't be a good deal of intimacy being shown throughout it, the series still finds a way to make ya want to continue rooting for these two and their prospering happiness in their future.

Made by Dowman Sayman
The Voynich Hotel
Hands down my absolute favorite series. A simple story filled with charming characters, where some fall in love, and some die a painful death. The cheery art style nevertheless keeps things upbeat, even in some of the grimmest of scenes shown. It's hard to really say anything was missing from this masterpiece (yeah yeah, I know my bias is through the roof; I really do love it that much though...).

Super short oddity stories, all about anything and everything you could possibly never bother to imagine. It has nothing to do with the television network (they were originally nickel theaters), so do hold back any expectations you might've been building up.

Saigo no Seihonnou to Suibakusen
Short pornographic stories, all just strange and nothing like most Hentai out there. Nuff said.

Oddman 11
Whereas every other story I recommended by Dowman is completed, this one's currently ongoing! biggrin
So, with it's very own self awareness being mentioned in the beginning, our tale can be summed up as being that of a "gender-swapped Scott Pilgrim Vs the World," with an MC who must defeat all of the super-powered ex girlfriends in order to go out with her super-powered crush. The action's completely thrown out the window though, and is substituted for tons of wacky gags and oddball interactions amongst each and every character. Too bad the MC's having each ex she defeats fall in love with her instead...

Honorable Mentions
I Am a Hero
Keyman - The Hand of Judgement
Abnormal-kei Joshi
Sidonia no Kishi
Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life
Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko & Shin Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko

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