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Renta!    [Edit]
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Papyless Global, Inc.

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Renta! is an e-book rental and sales platform. Their romanization of manga is sometimes incorrect. (English site)
Some BL manga are released earlier on Mangaplaza or Book Walker and then later it's on Renta because these 2 platforms are the original licensors.

- English site sells and rents English language ebooks from various publishers with lots of Renta exclusive content.
The chapter releases don't include extra content from the manga's tankoubon volume. Such as extras, afterword, etc.

- Japanese site offers a much broader range of mangas, novels and new issues of popular magazines.

- Taiwanese site.

When adding for English:
add Renta! in the 'English Publisher' section.
DO NOT add as 'Original Publisher'!

When adding for Japanese:
Please refer to 'Renta Comics' for manga originally published by Renta in Japan.

Socials: Twitter JP, Twitter EN, Facebook TW

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March 5th 2023, 10:50am

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